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AL 083

Colori Miti, Colori Ensemble
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Aliud is a young label from the Netherlands. Aliud invests in musicians by providing them a platform to present their music to the listening public on the best media currently available, for example CD, Super audio CD, DVD, etc. and good digital download platforms.

At Aliud you will find many different styles from the music of the middle Ages through Modern Classical, As well as Jazz, World Music, Brass and classical music for Wind Band.

Aliud presents high-class music across many different genres. For Aliud, high-class means that the musician’s, ensembles and orchestras represented in our catalogue are of world-class quality. Our products are recorded using only the best recording equipment, nowadays DSD and DXD for Super Audio CD, and media currently available. Our enthusiasm about music, the musicians represented by Aliud, searching for new music, playing styles etc. guaranteeing always something special and the best sounding reproductions for you to listen to. We wish you great listening pleasure with our carefully selected music.

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AL 027
Return of the Elephant

Nominated for the Edison Jazz 2008

AL 043
Grand Desir
Danse et Chanson

               Performance ***** &...

AL 046
Viola Altera - Màtè Szücs

Since the beginning of musical history, the violin has played the leading role, while the viola has remained in an ac...

AL 047
Chansons, Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Dufay

"... it’s a recording that holds the ear and does real service to the music."

David Fallows -...

AL 052
Torres del Alma, Bassano Quartet

"...I have to recommend, among some very fine playing indeed, two particular highlights which brings out the abs...

AL 055
Music at the Court of Jülich Berg


AL 057
Motetta Brevia de tempore


AL 030
French Oboe Sonatas