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LN 0540
40Th Anniversary Edition
LN 0418
A Bach Notebook For Trumpet (Eleven Bachs From 1615 to 1795)
LN 0319
Acis & Galatea
LN 0439
Alpha & Omega
LN 0244
Beethoven Piano Sonatas
LN 0226
Benjamin Britten Les Illuminations
LN 0404
Benjamin Britten My Beloved is Mine
LN 0421
Berlioz Les Nuits D’Ete, La Mort De Cleopatre
LN 0400
Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
LN 0432
LN 0378
Carmina Celtica
LN 0250
Chopin Piano Sonatas
LN 0455
Chopin Piano Concertos
LN 0413
Corelli Opus 2 & 4 Chamber Sonatas
LN 0412
Corelli Opus 5 Violin Sonatas
LN 0411
Corelli Opus 6 Concerti Grossi
LN 0355
Enrique Granados Goyescas & Isaac Albéniz Iberia
LN 0441
LN 0343
Fernando Sor Early Works For Guitar
LN 0371
Franz Schubert Winterreise
LN 0291
Garden of Early Delights
LN 0362
Handel Concerti Grossi Opus 6
LN 0285
Handel Messiah
LN 0223
Handel Recorder Sonatas
LN 0397
Handel Esther, Hwv. 50A (First Reconstructable Version (Cannons),...
LN 0426
Haydn Lord Nelson Mass
LN 0401
Haydn the Creation (Die Schöpfung)
LN 0332
Henry Purcell - Ten Sonatas in Four Parts
LN 0374
Henry Purcell Twelve Sonatas in Three Parts
LN 0428
Hommage a Trois
LN 0330
Igor Stravinsky Apollon Musagète and Pulcinella Suite
LN 0117
In the Beginning
LN 0396
J.S. Bach Cello Suites
LN 0354
J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor (Breitkopf Edition, Edited By J. Rifkin)
LN 0356
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations
LN 0410
J.S. Bach Harpsichord Concertos
LN 0430
J.S. Bach Six Brandenburg Concertos
LN 0419
John Passion
LN 0339
John Ward Consort Music For Five and Six Viols
LN 0275
Js Bach - Sonatas and Chorales
LN 0373
Js Bach Easter and Ascension Oratorios
LN 0366
Js Bach Sonatas and Partitas For Solo Violin
LN 0420
Katherine Bryan Plays Flute Concertos By Christopher Rouse and Jacques...
LN 0385
Kuniko Plays Reich
LN 0434
La Gamme Et Autres Morceaux De Simphonie
LN 0294
La Trompette Retrouvée
LN 0281
L'amore Per Elvira
LN 0380
Le Calme Fernando Sor - Late Works
LN 0329
Leighton Earth, Sweet Earth…(Laudes Terrae) and Britten Winter...
LN 0278
Lesley Schatzberger With the Fitzwilliam String Quartet
LN 0367
Liebermann Concerto For Flute and Orchestra and Works By Hüe, Nielsen and...
LN 0282
Liszt Sonata and Grandes Etudes
LN 0438
Mahler Symphonie No. 4
LN 0452
Mahler Symphony No. 2
LN 0314
Messiaen Chamber Works
LN 0352
Mozart in Vienna
LN 0424
Mozart Piano Concertos Nos. 12, 13 & 14 the Chamber Version
LN 0350
Mozart Symphonies 29, 31 (Paris), 32, 35 (Haffner) & 36 (Linz)
LN 0308
Mozart Symphonies 38-41
LN 0398
Mozart Apollo Et Hyacinthus, K. 38
LN 0342
Ned Rorem on and Echoing Road
LN 0293
Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov Piano Duos
LN 0296
On Wenlock Edge
LN 0382
Other Love Songs
LN 0348
Philippe Rogier Polychoral Works
LN 0429
Salomone Rossi Il Mantovano Hebreo
LN 0288
Santiago De Murcia - La Guitarra Española
LN 0335
Songs of Muriel Herbert
LN 0233
Tallis Spem in Alium
LN 0368
Tastes of Europe - Telemann Trios and Quartets
LN 0301
Tenebrae New Choral Music By James Macmillan
LN 0315
The Complete Piano Works of Maurice Ravel Volume 2
LN 0290
The Complete Piano Works of Maurice Ravel Volume I
LN 0292
The Devil's Trill
LN 0341
The Nightingale and the Butterfly
LN 0435
The Proud Bassoon
LN 0370
The Romantic Trumpet
LN 0242
The Trumpets That Time Forgot
LN 0358
Thomas Arne Artaxerxes
LN 0310
Trumpet Masque
LN 0331
Vibraciones Del Alma (Vibrations of the Soul)
LN 0376
W.A. Mozart Divertimento K.334 and Oboe Quartet K.370
LN 0409
Weber Wind Concertos
LN 0417
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
LN 0383
Who Are These Angels? New Choral Music By James Macmillan
LN 0372
William Byrd Complete Consort Music
LN 0399
William Lawes Consorts to the Organ
LN 0273
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wind Concertos
LN 0415
Zelenka Sonatas