COUPERIN: Apotheoses

 Le Parnasse, ou L'Apotheose de Corelli  
1 I. Corelli at the foot of Mount Parnassus asks the Muses to welcome him amongst them. 2:19
2 II. Corelli, enchanted by his favourable reception at Mount Parnassus, expresses his joy. He proceeds with his followers. 2:16
3 III. Corelli drinks at the well of Hypocrene. His followers proceed. 2:41
4 IV. Corelli's exaltation at drinking at the waters of Hypocrene. 1:03
5 V. After his exaltation, Corelli now falls asleep; his followers attend with some very quiet music. 2:25
6 VI. The Muses wake Corelli and place him next to Apollo. 0:52
7 VII. Corelli gives thanks. 2:12
 L'Apotheose de Lulli  
8 I. Lully in the Elysian Fields making music with the spirits of the underworld. 2:31
9 II. Air for the same. 2:22
10 III. Mercury flies to the Elysian Fields to warn of Apollo's impending arrival there. 0:39
11 IV. Descent of Apollo, who comes to offer his violin to Lully and a place on Parnassus. 3:14
12 V. Subterranean rumblings caused by Lully's contemporaries. 0:37
13 VI. Lamentations of the same for flutes or very muted violins. 2:28
14 VII. Lully is elevated to Parnassus. 1:01
15 VIII. The welcome (both kind and guarded) given to Lully by Corelli and the Italian Muses. 2:22
16 IX. Lully's thanks to Apollo. 2:40
17 X. Apollo persuades Lully and Corelli that ... French and Italian styles would make perfection in Music: Essay in the form of an overture. 4:12
18 XI. Lully plays the subject and Corelli accompanies it (First Air); Corelli plays the subject ...and Lully accompanies it (Second Air) 2:02
19 XII: The Peace of Parnasus (Trio Sonata): I. Gravement 2:45
20 XIII. The Peace of Parnasus (Trio Sonata): II. Saillie (Vivement) 1:29
21 XIV. The Peace of Parnasus (Trio Sonata): III. Rondement 1:38
22 XV. The Peace of Parnasus (Trio Sonata): IV. Vivement 1:34
23  La Sultane 9:33
24  La Steinquerque 9:12
 London Baroque Ensemble