SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Igroki (The Gamblers) [Opera]

 Igroki (The Gamblers)  
1 Act I: Orchestral Prelude 1:22
2 Act I: Kindly come this way, sir, please! (Alexey, Ikharyov) 2:30
3 Act I: What a sight! Every pack worth money! (Ikharyov, Alexey, Gavryushka) 4:59
4 Act I: I was really afraid he could take us by surprise here (Krugel, Shvokhnev, Gavryushka) 2:58
5 Act I: They're quick off the mark, these gentlemen! … (Gavryushka, Ikharyov) 5:15
6 Act I: Will you be ordering anything to eat, sir? (Alexey, Ikharyov) 3:18
7 Act I: Please excuse me, gentlemen (Ikharyov, Uteshitelny, Shvokhnev, Krugel) 4:47
8 Act I: Cards! Can I invite you meanwhile, gentlemen (Ikharyov, Shvokhnev, Krugel, Uteshitelny) 3:32
9 Act I: A four, an ace-ten on each (Shvokhnev, Uteshitelny, Krugel, Ikharyov) 2:04
10 Act I: Don't waste your powder (Uteshitelny, Ikharyov) 3:41
11 Act I: May I ask, since when have you been at such pains (Uteshitelny, Ikharyov, Shvokhnev) 6:56
12 Act I: But that's an important business (Ikharyov, Uteshitelny, Shvokhnev) 7:06
13 Act I: Absolutely brilliant! (Ikharyov, Uteshitelny) 3:26
14 Act I: Yes, Adelaide Ivanova (Ikharyov, Uteshitelny, Shvokhnev, Krugel) 4:16
15 Act I: I see that not only are you master of your craft (Uteshitelny, Ikharyov, Shvokhnev) 4:13
1 Act II: Ah, if only he could be won round! (Ikharyov, Krugel, Shvokhnev) 4:52
2 Act II: Ikharyov, may I introduce Mikhayl Alexandrovich Glov? (Uteshitelny, Ikharyov, M. Glov, Shvokhnev, Krugel) 6:02
3 Act II: In the matter of cards, I completely agree with Mikhayl Alexandrovich (Uteshitelny, M. Glov, Ikharyov) 2:28
4 Act II: Your servant is asking about your trunk, sir (Alexey, M. Glov, Uteshitelny, Ikharyov, Shvokhnev) 4:09
5 Act II: The bird has flown! (Ikharyov, Shvokhnev, Krugel, Uteshitelny) 2:07
6 Act II: Gentlemen, meet Alexander Mikhaylovich Glov a splendid young chap (Uteshitelny, Shvokhnev, Ikharyov, Krugel, A. Glov, Alexey ) 5:57
7 Act II: What the devil! I'll quadruple the stake (A. Glov, Uteshitelny, Krugel, Ikharyov, Shvokhnev) ) 8:47
8 Act II: Now then, my friend, have you taken leave of your senses? (Uteshitelny, Ikharyov, Krugel, Shvokhnev, A. Glov) 4:01
9 Act II: We will always love you (Ikharyov, Krugel, Shvokhnev, Uteshiteln, A. Glov) 1:12
10 Act III: Prelude 2:15
11 Act III: We must remain good friends with him (Uteshitelny, Shvokhnev, Zamukhrishkin) 5:50
12 Act III: Listen, Psoy Stakhich, please concern yourself with this affair! (Uteshitelny, Zamukhrishkin) 1:46
13 Act III: It would naturally be better to have the money br very soon (Ikharyov, Shvokhnev, Krugel, Uteshitelny) 6:48
14 Act III: What a course things have taken! (Ikharyov) 6:28
15 Act III: Where are they, then? (A. Glov, Ikharyov, Alexey) 4:51
16 Act III: Firstly, he's not an official, and secondly, not of any bank (A. Glov, Ikharyov, Alexey) 4:38
17 Act III: To hell with Adelaida Ivanova! (Ikharyov) 3:33
 Mikhail Krutikov Soloist
 Jurowski, Michail