Opera - The Miserly Knight

 The Miserly Knight, Op. 24 60:30  
  An opera in three scenes  
  Libretto from the 'Little Tragedy' by Alexander Pushkin  
1 Prelude 7:43
2 Scene 1. In the Tower 17:33
  Albert: 'Whatever happens, I shall appear at the tournament'  
3 Scene 2. In the Cellar 22:56
  Baron: 'Like the young libertine awaiting a meeting with some wily harlot'  
4 Scene 3. At the Palace 12:12
  Albert: 'Believe me, Sire, I have long suffered the shame of bitter poverty'  
 Mikhail Guzhov bass - The Baron
 Vsevolod Grivnov tenor - Albert
 Andrei Baturkin baritone - The Duke
 Borislav Molchanov tenor - The Jewish Moneylender
 Vitaly Efanov bass - Servant
 Valeri Polyansky
  October 2003