Opera - Ruth

 LENNOX BERKELEY (1903-1989)
premiere recording
 Ruth, Op. 50 78:54  
  An Opera in Three Scenes  
  Libretto by Eric Crozier  
  Scene 1  
1 A mountainous place near Bethlehem 1:57
2 'Once more I see your green and golden hills, O Judah!' 3:05
  Naomi, Ruth, Orpah  
3 'Turn back, my daughters' 1:38
  Naomi, Ruth, Orpah  
4 'Almighty Father, let my cry come unto thee!' 3:13
  Naomi, Orpah, Ruth  
5 'Ah, must I leave thee? Must we part?' 3:23
  Orpah, Naomi, Ruth  
6 'Whither thou goest, I will go' 3:02
  Ruth, Naomi  
7 'See! Is this Naomi!?' 2:14
  Women, Naomi  
8 'Ah, call me not Naomi, let Mara be my name' 2:32
9 'Where, ah, where is Naomi?' 2:21
  Women, Naomi, Ruth  
  Scene 2  
10 A harvest field belonging to Boaz - 1:45
  'Gold grows the barley on hillside and valley'  
11 'Greetings, men of Judah!' 1:05
  Women, Head Reaper  
12 'The scatter'd ear of corn' 1:55
  Women, Men  
13 'Come, let us go forth together' 3:23
  Head Reaper, Women, Men, Ruth  
14 'Stay, men of Judah!' 2:17
  Boaz, Men, Women, Head Reaper, Ruth  
15 'I had no wish to anger them' 3:19
  Ruth, Boaz, Head Reaper  
16 'Ah, let not anger fill your eyes!' 3:05
  Ruth, Boaz  
17 'Whence cometh this to me, that thou should'st deign to notice me?' 3:47
  Ruth, Boaz  
18 'The scatter'd ear of corn' 2:25
  Women, Men, Boaz  
  Scene 3  
19 A threshing-floor, at night - 2:11
  'This is the place! Come, daughter'  
  Naomi, Ruth  
20 'Fear not, beloved Ruth!' 2:42
  Naomi, Ruth  
21 'Golden ripe the barley grows' 1:11
  Women, Men, Naomi, Ruth, Head Reaper, Boaz  
22 'Lord of the Harvest, what are thy commands?' 1:47
  Men, Head Reaper, Women, Boaz  
23 'Winter time is time to plough, aie, the wind does bite!' 1:14
  Men, Women  
24 'Across the field the long slow line of reapers goes a-reaping' 1:33
25 'Dance, come dance, dance within the ring' 1:39
  Women, Men, Head Reaper  
26 'O clap your hands, all ye people!' 2:22
  Boaz, Women, Men  
27 'Go now, my daughter' 1:50
  Naomi, Ruth  
28 'Master!' 1:42
  Ruth, Boaz  
29 'Thou comest in the stillness of the night' 4:22
  Boaz, Ruth  
30 'Lo, my beloved, my soul's delight, to thee I give my hand' 1:53
  Boaz, Ruth  
31 'Ho there, my people!' 1:39
  Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, Women, Men  
32 'Behold this maid' 3:25
  Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, Head Reaper, Women, Men  
33 'Rejoice, O Israel, rejoice' 2:41
  Head Reaper, Women, Men, Ruth, Naomi, Boaz  
 Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano - Ruth
 Mark Tucker tenor - Boaz
 Yvonne Kenny soprano - Naomi
 Claire Rutter soprano - Orpah
 Roderick Williams baritone - Head Reaper
 Richard Hickox
  23 & 25-27 September 2003