Wisdom and Folly and other Choral Works

 BO HOLTEN (b. 1948)
premiere recording
1  Tallis Variations (1976) 10:32
  for mixed choir and nine solo strings  
  Strings of Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR  
premiere recording
 Visdom og Galskab (1993) 13:10  
  Wisdom and Folly  
  Three movements to texts from the Old Testament for soprano solo and mixed choir  
  Klaudia Kidon soprano  
2 I Ordsprogenes Bog 2:38
3 II Højsangen 4:32
4 III Klagesangene 5:59
premiere recording
5  Psalm 104 'Hvor er dine værker mange, Herre!' (2002)† 3:54
  for women's choir  
premiere recording
6  Ego flos campi (2001) 3:49
  for women's choir  
premiere recording
7  Ebbe Skammelsøn (2001) 13:25
  A dramatic scene after the old ballad for trombone solo, twelve soloists and mixed choir  
 Jesper Juul Sørensen trombone
  premiere recording in Icelandic  
 First Snow (1996) 6:11  
8 Fyrsti Snjór 4:00
  for eight-part choir  
9 Fjallid Einbúi 2:10
  for four soloists and four-part choir  
premiere recording
10  Triumf att finnas till (1995) 8:49
  Triumph to exist  
  for eight-part choir  
  Recorded with kind support from:  
  BG Fonden  
  Augustinus Fonden  
  Danish Composers' Society/KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes  
 Bo Holten
  10 & 11 June 2003 (Visdom og Galskab, First Snow, Triumf att finnas till), 12 June (Ebbe Skammelsøn), 9 January 2004 (Tallis Variations), 4 February 2005 (Psalm 104, Ego flos campi)