premiere recording
 Tobias and the Angel 75:18  
  Church opera in one act  
  Libretto by David Lan  
  In memory of Nicholas John  
  Libretto dedicated to Gergely Stewart and Balint Stewart  
1 Tobit: 'My name is Tobit' - 2:45
2 People in market: 'The king kills Jews' - 3:25
  with Tobit, Anna, Tobias  
3 Tobias: 'Or find out who is playing that tune?' - 5:03
  with People in market, Raphael, Raguel, Edna  
4 Sparrows: 'Time to get up!' - 4:55
  with Tobit, Tobias, Sara, Edna, Raguel  
5 Ashmodeus: 'What a delightful night, with a restful night' - 5:54
  with Raguel, Raguel's Men, Edna, Anna, Tobias, Tobit, Sara  
6 Anna: 'Without his eyes how can he work?' - 2:24
  with Tobias, Tobit, Raphael  
7 Raphael: 'What do you hear?' - 1:58
  with Tobias, Sara, Tobit  
8 The Trees: 'How hard is wood but slow is good' - 4:02
  with Tobias, Raphael, Sara, Tobit  
9 Raphael: 'Not even the mountains?' - 3:35
  with Tobias, The Mountain, Sara, Ashmodeus, Anna, Tobit  
10 Raphael: 'Descending a mountain there are many things to listen to' - 4:18
  with Tobias, The River, The Fish  
11 Raphael: 'What did the fish sing?' - 1:43
  with Tobias  
12 Raguel's Men: 'Master's house has an iron gate' - 2:13
  with Tobias, Raphael  
13 Tobias: 'So this is Ecbatane' - 2:49
  with Edna, Raguel  
14 Sara: 'You're welcome. Here's cheese' - 4:56
  with Tobias, Raphael, Raguel, Edna  
15 Guests: 'Hurrah!' - 4:45
  with Tobias, Sara, Raphael, Ashmodeus, Raguel's Men, Raguel, Edna  
16 Sara: 'Husband, come in' - 4:10
  with Tobias, Ashmodeus, Raphael, Guests, Raguel's Men, Edna, Raguel  
17 Sparrows: 'Time to get up!' - 5:38
  with Tobias, Raguel, Edna, Guests, Ashmodeus, Sara, Raphael, The Trees, Anna, Tobit  
18 Tobit: 'Ah!' - 6:12
  with Angels, Tobias, Sara, Raphael, Everyone  
19 Chorus: 'Turn to Him with your ears' 4:21
  with Ashmodeus, Tobit, Raphael  
  In Nineve  
 Omar Ebrahim baritone - Tobit
 Hyacinth Nicholls mezzo-soprano - Anna
 Darren Abrahams tenor - Tobias
 James Laing counter-tenor - Raphael
  In Ecbatane  
 Kevin West tenor - Raguel
 Maureen Brathwaite soprano - Edna
 Karina Lucas mezzo-soprano - Sara
 Rodney Clarke baritone - Ashmodeus
  Raguel's Men  
  Mensah Bediako  
  Simon Greenhill  
  George Ikediashi  
  Peter Snipp  
  Sparrows/The fish: Children's Chorus  
  People in market/The mountain/The river/Wedding guests: Adult chorus unison  
  People in market/The tree/Angels: Adult chorus satb  
  Choruses and Instrumental Ensemble  
 David Charles Abell
  6-8 November 2006