Opera - Rigoletto

 Rigoletto 124:47  
  An opera in three acts  
  Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave  
  English translation by James Fenton  
  The English National Opera production  
  Direced for the stage by Jonathan Miller  
1 Prelude 2:34
  Act I  
  Scene One  
2 'That pretty girl I've been seeing in the city' 1:50
  'Duke', Borsa  
3 'If a woman should happen to catch my eye' 2:06
4 'You're going? That's cruel' 2:03
  'Duke', 'Countess', Rigoletto, Chorus  
5 'It's happened! It's happened!' 2:48
  Marullo, Chorus, 'Duke', Rigoletto, Ceprano, Borsa, Courtiers  
6 'I demand to see him' 4:52
  Monterone, 'Duke', Rigoletto, Borsa, Marullo, Ceprano, Courtiers  
  Scene Two  
7 'The old man laid his curse on me!' 5:10
  Rigoletto, Sparafucile  
8 'We are equals' 3:52
9 'Gilda!' 2:03
  Rigoletto, Gilda  
10 'Ah, do not demand of one so sad' 5:03
  Rigoletto, Gilda, Giovanna  
11 'Oh, dear Giovanna, guard my daughter' 5:46
  Rigoletto, Gilda, Giovanna, 'Duke'  
12 'Giovanna, I should have told him' 3:12
  Gilda, Giovanna, 'Duke'  
13 'Love is the source of life, love is our sunlight' 5:27
  'Duke', Gilda, Ceprano, Borsa, Giovanna  
14 'Gualtier Maldè, you were the first to love me . . . 6:20
  Dearest name of my first love'  
  Gilda, Borsa, Ceprano, Chorus, Marullo  
15 'I have returned. But why?' 2:19
  Rigoletto, Borsa, Ceprano, Marullo  
16 'Softly, softly we move in to get her' 3:01
  All, Gilda, Chorus, Rigoletto  
  Act II  
17 'Somebody came and stole her but when?' 2:30
18 'Somewhere I see you weeping' 3:05
  'Duke', All  
19 'We went to look for her last night together' 2:00
  All, 'Duke'  
20 'The power of love is calling' 3:13
  'Duke', All  
21 'Poor little Rigoletto . . .' 3:35
  Marullo, Rigoletto, Chorus, Ceprano, Secretary, Borsa  
22 'Filthy rabble, you liars, you cowards' 4:32
23 'My father!' 1:29
  Gilda, Rigoletto, All  
24 'Speak now. They've left us' 7:21
  Rigoletto, Gilda  
25 'Ive one thing to do here before I am finished' 1:13
  Rigoletto, Gilda, Henchman, Monterone  
26 'Old man, you're mistaken' 2:12
  Rigoletto, Gilda  
  Act III  
27 'You love him?' 2:24
  Rigoletto, Gilda, 'Duke', Sparafucile  
28 'Women abandon us' 3:04
  'Duke', Sparafucile, Rigoletto  
29 'When first I came to talk to you' 1:33
  'Duke', Gilda, Maddalena, Rigoletto  
30 'If you want a faithful lover' 4:40
  'Duke', Maddalena, Gilda, Rigoletto  
31 'Eighty dollars you were asking' 2:22
  Rigoletto, Sparafucile, 'Duke', Maddalena  
32 'He's such a young man, handsome and friendly' 2:33
  Maddalena, 'Duke', Sparafucile  
33 'I cannot think clearly' 6:22
  Gilda, Maddalena, Sparafucile  
34 'Now for my vengeance, now the moment is ready' 2:53
  Rigoletto, Sparafucile  
35 'He's there, murdered, oh yes' 2:21
  Rigoletto, 'Duke'  
36 'But who can be inside here?' 2:02
  Rigoletto, Gilda  
37 'It's all my fault' 1:29
  Gilda, Rigoletto  
38 'Ah, soon, in Heaven' 3:22
  Gilda, Rigoletto  
 John Rawnsley baritone - Rigoletto
 Helen Field soprano - Gilda
 Arthur Davies tenor - The 'Duke'
 John Tomlinson bass - Sparafucile
 Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano - Maddalena
 Norman Bailey bass-baritone - Monterone
 Alan Opie baritone - Marullo
 Mark Elder
  28-30 July, 1, 6, 7, 14, 28 August and 4 September 1983