Great Operatic Arias, Vol. 4 - Alastair Miles

1  Chorus of Hebrew Slaves & Zaccaria's Prophecy from Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar) 8:51
  'Speed your journey'  
  (Va, pensiero) -  
  'Why lament ye?'  
  (Oh chi piane?0  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
2  Polidoro's Cavatina from Zelmira 3:31
  'Ah! One whole day has passed'  
  ('Aha! già trascorse il di)  
3  Mahomet II's Aria from Mahomet 6:37
  'Brave soldiers, arise and join me'  
  (Sorgete e in si bel giorno)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
4  Prayer: Quartet from Moses in Egypt 3:32
  'Look down on us from Heaven'  
  (Dal tuo stellato soglio)  
  with Sandra Ford soprano  
  Antonia Sotgiu mezzo-soprano  
  Barry Banks tenor  
  Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
5  Scena and Walter and Wurm's Duet from Luisa Miller 7:43
  'He will not listen'  
  (Egli delira) -  
  'It was for his sake and his alone'  
  (L'alto retaggio non ho bramato)  
  with Clive Bayley bass  
6  Scena, Pagano's Aria and Chorus from The Lombards at the First Crusade 10:17
  'Lord, grant us peace, we beg Thee'  
  (A te nell'ora infausta) -  
  'Wretched Woman! Did you imagine'  
  (Sciaguraa! hai tu creduto) -  
  'Only cowards would be frightened'  
  (Ni un periglio il nostro seno)  
  with Clive Bayley bass  
  Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
7  The Duke of Arcos's Recitative and Aria from Salvator Rosa 6:11
  'And must I really sign?'  
  (E il foglio io segnerò?) -  
  'The pleasures of marriage'  
  (Di sposo . . . di padre . . .)  
8  Chorus of Druids and Oroveso's Aria from Norma 2:38
  'Grant her the gift of prophecy'  
  (Dell'aura tua profetica) -  
  'Here where the ancient oak tree grows'  
  (Si: parlerà terribile)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
9  Invocation and Quintet from Moses in Egypt 6:50
  'Supreme judge and ruler'  
  (Eterno! Immenso!) -  
  'O Thou who by Thy mercy'  
  (Celeste man placata!)  
  with Sandra Ford soprano  
  Barry Banks tenor  
  Dominic Natoli tenor  
  Clive Bayley bass  
  Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
10  Procida's Recitative and Aria from The Sicilian Vespers 7:14
  'My homeland, beloved homeland'  
  (O patria, o cara patria) -  
  'Oh, my Palermo'  
  (O tu Palermo)  
11  Giorgio and Riccardo's Duet from The Puritans 12:36
  'Save his life, though he's your rival'  
  (Il rival salvar tu dèi)  
  with Garry Magee baritone  
 Alastair Miles bass
 David Parry
  31 May-3 June 1999