Great Operatic Arias, Vol. 6 - John Tomlinson

1  Polyphemus' Recitative and Air from Acis and Galatea 4:43
  'I rage, I rage, I rage, I melt, I burn!' -  
  'O ruddier than the cherry'  
2  Osmin's Song from The Abduction from the Seraglio, Act 1 2:57
  'When a maiden takes your fancy'  
  (Wer ein Liebchen hat gefunden)  
3  Osmin and Blonde's Duet from The Abduction from the Seraglio, Act II 3:46
  'I am going, but take my advice'  
  (Ich gehe, doch rate ich dir)  
  with Helen Williams soprano  
4  Pedrillo and Osmin's Duet from The Abduction from the Seraglio, Act II 2:20
  'Vivat Bacchus! Long live Bacchus!'  
  (Vivat Bacchus! Bacchus lebe!)  
  with Barry Banks tenor  
5  Harapha's Air from Samson, Act II 6:29
  'Honour and arms scorn such a foe'  
 GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
6  Fiesco's Aria from Simon Boccanegra, Prologue 6:19
  'A last farewell I bid you'  
  (A te l'estremo addio) -  
  'My soul is torn with suffering'  
  (Il lacerato spirito)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
7  Mephistophele's Song of the Flea from Goethe's 'Faust' 3:37
  'There lived a king of old'  
  (Zhil bil korol kogdato)  
8  Prince Igor's Aria from Prince Igor, Act II 8:00
  'No rest, no slumber'  
  (Ni sna, ni otdikha)  
9  Galitsky's Aria from Prince Igor, Act I 4:07
  'The Prince has drunk his fill?' -  
  'The sober life'  
  (Greshno tait)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
10  Khan Konchak's Aria from Prince Igor, Act II 5:42
  'Igor, listen'  
  (Zdorov, li Knaz?)  
11  Miler's Song from Russalka, Act I 4:06
  'Like every maiden in the whole of Russia'  
  (Okh, toto vse vi devky molodiye)  
12  Silva's Scena and Cavatina from Ernani, Act I 7:09
  'Can I believe it?'  
  (Che mai vegg'io!) -  
  'Vain illusion! When I believed her'  
  (Infelice! . . . e tu credevi)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 LIZA LEHMANN (1862-1918)
13  Myself when young from In a Persian Garden 3:43
  'Myself when young did eagerly frequent'  
 ARTHUR SULLIVAN (1842-1900)
14  The Mikado's Song from The Mikado, Act II 4:30
  'A more humane Mikado'  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
15  Gendarmes' Duet from Geneviève de Brabant 2:45
  'We're public guardians bold yet wary'  
  with Andrew Shore baritone  
16  Policeman's Song from The Pirates of Penzance, Act II 2:37
  'When a felon's not engaged in his employment'  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
  Bonus track  
17  Boris's Prayer from Boris Godunov, Prologue, Scene 2 (The Coronation Scene) 3:59
  'My soul is sad'  
  (Skorbit dusha!)  
  Chorus of Opera North  
  Choristers of Leeds Parish Church  
  English Northern Philharmonia  
  Paul Daniel  
  (from CHAN 3007)  
 John Tomlinson bass
 David Parry
  15-19 October 1999