Great Operatic Arias, Vol. 7 - Della Jones

1  Tancredi's Cavatina from Tancredi 3:10
  'Tell me, my beating heart'  
  (Di tanti palpiti)  
2  Bertarido's Aria from Rodelinda 4:58
  'Art thou troubled?'  
  (Dove sei?)  
 Vitellia's Recitative and Aria from The Clemency of Titus 9:58  
3 Recit.: 'Now is the moment, oh Vitellia . . .' - 2:31
4 Aria: 'No bridal garlands' 7:27
  (Non più di fiori)  
  with Paul Richards basset-horn solo  
 Xerxes' Recitative and Aria from Xerxes 3:38  
5 Recit.: 'May the Fates be kind' - 0:43
6 Aria: 'Under thy shade' 2:55
  (Ombra mai fu)  
 Isabella and Taddeo's Duet from The Italian Girl in Algiers 8:02  
7 'All the changes in my fortune . . .' - 5:01
8 'Ah, yes, as friends united' 3:01
  (Ai capricci della sorte)  
  with Andrew Shore baritone  
9 'All for the pleasure' 5:42
  (Per lui che adoro)  
  with Peter Wedd tenor, Andrew Shore and Simon Bailey bass  
 Leonora and Alfonso's Duet from La favorita (The Mistress) 7:34  
10 'Ines, tell me what happened' - 2:32
11 'Leonora! Leonora! Be silent!' 5:02
  with Helen Miles soprano and Garry Magee baritone  
12  Brindisi from Lucrezia Borgia 3:00
  'Oh the secret life, you may hear it'  
  (Il segreto per esser felice)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 Norma and Adalgisa's Duet from Norma 11:26  
13 'Take my children, take them with you' - 4:01
14 'See, O Norma' 7:25
  with Anne Mason mezzo-soprano  
15  La Cieca's Aria from La Gioconda 4:06
  'Voice that consoles me'  
  (Voce di donna)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
16  Mathilde, Jemmy and Hedwige's Trio from William Tell 4:15
  'My brave new son, to you . . .'  
  (Je rends à votre amour)  
  with Mary Plazas soprano and Anne Mason mezzo-soprano  
 EDWARD GERMAN (1862-1936)
17  Queen Elizabeth's Song from Merrie England 4:43
  'O peaceful England'  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 HENRY BISHOP (1786-1855)
18  'Home, sweet home' from Clari, or the Maid of Milan 4:29
  with Della Jones piano  
  Bonus track:  
19  Rosina's Cabaletta from The Barber of Seville 4:01
  'I can be so demure'  
  Della Jones mezzo-soprano  
  English National Opera Orchestra and Chorus  
  Gabriele Bellini  
  (from CHAN 3025(2))  
 Della Jones mezzo-soprano
 David Parry
  12-16 March 2000