Opera - The Rhinegold

The Reginald Goodall Ring Cycle
 RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883)
 The Rhinegold 174:00  
  Preliminary Evening to the Festival Play The Ring of the Nibelung  
  Music drama in four scenes  
  Poem by Richard Wagner  
  English translation by Andrew Porter  
  Scene 1  
1 Orchestral prelude 5:01
2 'Weia! Waga! Wandering waters' 1:33
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
3 'He, he! You nixies!' 1:40
  Alberich, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
4 'Slimy, slippery, slithery smoothness!' 9:57
  Alberich, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
5 'Look, sisters! The sunlight is greeting the gold' 2:41
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
6 'What's that, you nixies . . .?' 5:01
  Alberich, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
7 'The world's wealth can be mine . . .?' 1:01
  Alberich, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
8 'Still not afraid?' 4:39
  Alberich, Flosshilde, Wellgunde, Woglinde  
  Orchestral interlude  
  Scene 2  
9 'Wotan, my lord! Awaken!' 6:12
  Fricka, Wotan  
10 'For I wished you faithful and true' 2:59
  Fricka, Wotan  
11 'Then shelter her now' 2:24
  Fricka, Freia, Wotan  
12 'Soft sleep closed your eyes' 3:20
  Fasolt, Wotan, Fafner  
13 'God of light, light of spirit!' 5:09
  Fasolt, Wotan, Fafner, Freia  
14 'To me, Freia! Back from her, giant!' 1:17
  Froh, Donner, Fafner, Fasolt, Wotan  
15 'This bond is graved on my spear's strong shaft' 0:58
  Wotan, Freai, Fricka  
16 'What? How am I concerned in a contract?' 4:15
  Loge, Wotan, Fricka, Froh, Donner, Fafner, Fasolt  
17 'Never one word of praise or thanks!' 2:52
18 'But one I found then' 2:02
19 'So I promised I'd tell you the story' 1:05
  Loge, Wotan, Fasolt, Fafner  
20 'A toy, while it was in the waters' 2:01
  Loge, Wotan, Fricka  
21 'And I should possess it!' 4:38
  Wotan, Loge, Donner, Froh, Fricka, Fafner  
22 'Hear, Wotan, I'll speak my last word!' 2:29
  Fafner, Wotan, Fasolt, Freia, Froh, Donner  
23 'Over rock and stone they stride' 3:07
  Loge, Fricka, Donner, Froh  
24 'I see now! Hear what is wrong!' 3:13
  Loge, Fricka  
25 'Come, Loge, descend with me!' 5:11
  Wotan, Loge, Donner, Froh, Fricka  
  Orchestral interlude  
  Scene 3  
26 'Hehe! Hehe! Come here! Come here! 0:56
  Alberich, Mime  
27 'Ha, you rogue!' 2:25
  Alberich, Mime  
28 'Nibelheim here' 1:45
  Loge, Mime, Wotan  
29 'What help for me?' 5:06
  Mime Loge, Wotan  
30 'Better take care! Alberich's near' 2:56
  Mime, Wotan, Alberich  
31 'What brought you here?' 3:32
  Alberich, Wotan, Loge  
32 'In the clouds, you great ones' 3:23
  Alberich, Wotan, Loge  
33 'All must stand in amazement' 4:58
  Loge, Alberich  
34 'Ohe! Ohe! Terrible dragon' 3:20
  Loge, Wotan, Alberich  
35 'Now swiftly up!' 4:46
  Orchestral interlude  
  Scene 4  
36 'There, Alberich, sit on your throne!' 2:53
  Loge, Alberich, Wotan  
37 'And now the Niblungs will come to my call' 3:12
  Alberich, Wotan  
38 'The gold lies there; now let me go' 6:38
  Alberich, Loge, Wotan  
39 'Am I now free?' (Alberich's curve) 4:27
  Alberich, Loge, Wotan  
40 'Fasolt and Fafner come this way' 3:08
  Loge, Froh, Donner, Fricka  
41 'Wait! Don't touch her yet!' 3:12
  Fasolt, Wotan, Fafner, Loge, Froh  
42 'Far too loose you're piling the gold' 2:44
  Fafner, Loge, Wotan, Fricka, Donner  
43 'Freia, the fair one, see I no more' 3:07
  Fasolt, Fafner, Loge, Wotan, Freia, Fricka, Froh, Donner  
44 'Yield it, Wotan, yield it!' (Erda's warning) 5:44
  Erda, Wotan, Fricka, Froh  
45 'Hear, you giants!' 2:13
  Donner, Freia, Wotan  
46 'Stop, you greedy one!' 2:25
  Fasolt, Fafner, Loge, Wotan  
47 'Your luck, Wotan, what could surpass it?' 2:25
  Loge, Wotan, Fricka  
48 'Sweltering mists hang in the air . . . Heda! Heda! Hedo!' 2:47
49 'The bridge leads you homeward' 1:52
50 'Evening rays flood the sky with splendour' 4:21
  Wotan, Fricka, Loge  
51 'Rhinegold! Rhinegold!' (Entry of the Gods into Valahlla) 4:52
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Wotan, Loge  
  Orchestral postlude  
 Norman Bailey bass-baritone - Wotan
 Norman Welsby baritone - Donner
 Robert Ferguson tenor - Froh
 Emile Belcourt tenor - Loge
 Robert Lloyd bass - Fasolt
 Clifford Grant bass - Fafner
 Derek Hammond-Stroud baritone - Alberich
 Gregory Dempsey tenor - Mime
 Katherine Pring mezzo-soprano - Fricka
 Lois McDonnall soprano - Freia
 Anne Collins contralto - Erda
 Valerie Masterson soprano - Woglinde
 Shelagh Squires mezzo-soprano - Wellgunde
 Helen Attfield contralto - Flosshilde
 Reginald Goodall
  live; 10, 19, 25 & 29 March 1975