Alan Opie sings Bel Canto Arias

1  Figaro's Cavatina from The Barber of Seville 4:45
  'La la la lera, la la la la. Here at your service to do or die am I!'  
  from CHAN 3025(2) The Barber of Seville  
 GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
2  Count de Luna's Recitative, Aria and Cabaletta from Il trovatore (The Troubador) 9:15
  'All is deserted' -  
  'In the stars that shine above me' -  
  'My hour of joy approaches'  
  with Clive Bayley bass (Ferrando) and Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
  from CHAN 3036(2) Il trovatore  
3  Camoëns' Recitative and Romance from Dom Sebastian, King of Portugal 6:36
  'On the African shores' -  
  'Lisbon fair, beloved homeland'  
4  Aria and Cabaletta from Lucia of Lammermoor 10:53
  'You seem unhappy' -  
  'Trembling, I feel the horror' -  
  'All in vain do you try to waken tender feelings'  
  with Stephen Chaundy tenor (Normanno), Peter Rose bass (Raimondo) and Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
  from CHAN 3083(2) Lucia of Lammermoor  
5  Duet: Carlo and Elvira, and Trio: Carlo, Ernani and Elvira from Ernani 7:46
  'Since the day when first I saw you' -  
  'You're Ernani! At once I despise you'  
  with Susan Patterson soprano (Elvira) and Julian Gavin tenor (Ernani)  
  from CHAN 3052(2) Ernani  
6  The Doge's Scena and Romance from The Two Foscari 5:10
  'I am alone, here in private' -  
  'How my old heart beats wildly'  
7  Duet: William Tell and Arnold Melcthal from William Tell 9:15
  with Barry Banks tenor (Arnold Melcthal)  
8  William Tell's Aria from William Tell 2:56
  'Keep very still now: kneel down before me'  
9  Ezio's Scena, Aria and Cabaletta from Attila 8:47
  '''Peace is concluded''' -  
  'From everlasting mountains' -  
  'So my fate has been decided'  
  with Dennis O'Neill tenor (Foresto) and Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
10  Part III Finale from Ernani 4:30
  'Charlemagne inspire me'  
  with Peter Rose bass (Silva), Susan Patterson, Helen Williams, Julian Gavin, Peter Wedd, Paul Hodges and English National Opera Chorus  
  from Chan 3052(2) Ernani  
11  Prologue from Pagliacci (The Touring Party) 8:14
  'Hello . . . Hello . . . Dear Ladies and gentlemen, you'll pardon me'  
  from CHAN 3003 Pagliacci  
 Gabriele Bellini (track 1)
 David Parry (tracks 2-11)
  9-14 August 1994 (track 1)  
  16-20 December 1999 (track 2), 24-27 September 2001 (tracks 3, 6 & 7), 2-6 September 2001 (track 4), 12-16 July 2000 (tracks 5 & 10), 3-7 March 2003 (tracks 8 & 9), 7-10 August 1997 (track 11)