Bruce Ford sings Viennese Operetta

 FRANZ LEHAR (1870-1948)
1  You are my heart's delight from The Land of Smiles 3:53
  (Dein ist mein ganzes Herz)  
  Pieter Schoeman violin solo  
2  On Mount Ida from La Belle Hélène 3:47
  (Au Mont Ida)  
 JOHANN STRAUSS II (1825-1899)
3  Who made us one? from The Gipsy Baron 3:55
  (Wer uns getraut?)  
  with Helen Williams soprano and Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 EMMERICH KALMAN (1882-1953)
4  Play gipsy from Countess Maritza 5:41
  (Komm, Zigan)  
5  Love is a delicate flower from A Night in Venice 3:14
  (Ach, wie so herrlich zu schaun)  
6  Patiently smiling from The Land of Smiles 5:20
  (Immer nur lächeln)  
7  Since I was left an orphan lad from The Gipsy Baron 2:58
  (Als florter Geist, doch früh verwaist)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 CARL ZELLER (1842-1898)
8  My old father years ago from The Birdseller 4:17
  (Wie main Ahn'l zwanzig Jahr)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
 ROBERT STOLZ (1880-1975)
9  Don't ask me why I'm leaving from The Song is Done 4:41
  (Frag' nicht, warum ich gehe)  
 OSCAR STRAUSS (1870-1954)
10  Softly, so softly from A Waltz Dream 4:53
  (Leise, ganz leise)  
  with Alan Opie baritone  
11  Comrades, this life is the life for me! from Giuditta 3:23
  (Freunde, das Leben is lebenswert!)  
  with Geoffrey Mitchell Choir and Pieter Schoeman violin solo  
12  Alone, always alone (Volga Song) from The Czarevitch 5:21
  (Allein, imer allein)  
13  Heavens, what's happ'ning to me? from Countess Maritza 3:27
  (Herrgott, was ist denn heut' los?)  
  with Helen Williams soprano  
14  Vienna mine from Countess Maritza 4:19
  (Grüss mir mein Wien)  
15  Love! What has given you this magic pow'r? from The Land of Smiles 6:15
  (Wer hat die Liebe uns ins Herz geschenkt?)  
  with Helen Williams soprano and Pieter Schoeman violin solo  
16  We met in Vienna, my true love and I 4:47
  (In Wien hab' ich einmal ein Mädel geliebt)  
17  Words forbidden from The Merry Widow 3:20
  (Lippen schweigen)  
  with Helen Williams soprano  
 Bruce Ford tenor
 Walter Weller
  3-10 February 2002