Opera - The Thieving Magpie

 The Thieving Magpie 151:02  
  Melodramma in two acts  
  Libretto by Giovanni Gherardini after La Pie vouleuse, by J.M.T. Badouin and Louis-Charles Caigniez  
  English translation by Jeremy Sams  
  Overture (8:58)      
1 Maestoso marziale - 2:23
2 Allegro 6:35
  Act I (70:56)      
  Scene 1  
3 'What a day of celebration' 2:39
  Servants, Pippo, Magpie  
4 'Get moving - do something' 4:07
  Lucia, Pippo, Servants, Fabrizio, Magpie  
5 'I can see my beloved Giannetto' 2:12
  Fabrizio, Lucia, Pippo, Servants  
6 'Oh, my heart is full of joy!' 3:05
7 'Spring is returning' 3:15
8 'Dearest Ninetta, today's a special day!' 0:59
  Fabrizio, Ninetta, Lucia  
9 'Penknives and needles, leather patches' 1:09
10 'I thought so, it's old Isacco' 0:29
  Pippo, Isacco  
11 'What's that shouting?' 1:21
  Ninetta, Servants, Villagers, Pippo  
12 'Darling! Darling, let me embrace you' 2:24
  Giannetto, Villagers, Servants  
13 'Yes, even in the battle' 2:35
  Giannetto, Villagers  
14 'Goodbye for now, my darling' 1:08
  Giannetto, Ninetta, Lucia, Fernando  
15 'Yesterday, just as the sun was setting' 1:51
  Fernando, Ninetta  
16 'I can be strong no longer' 2:39
  Ninetta, Fernando  
17 'Oh, daughter, let me embrace you' 5:31
  Fernando, Ninetta  
18 'Good morning, my pretty lady' 2:01
  Mayor, Ninetta, Giorgio, Fernando  
20 'Thank heavens!' 3:21
  Ninetta, Mayor, Fernando  
21 'We're alone here' 5:08
  Mayor, Ninetta, Fernando  
22 'Such madness and confusion' 2:14
  Fernando, Ninetta, Mayor  
  Scene 2  
23 'Penknives and needles, leather patches' 3:20
  Isacco, Ninetta, Pippo, Lucia, Mayor, Giannetto, Fabrizio, Magpie  
24 'This morning in the house of Fabrizio Vingradito' 6:08
  Mayor, Giannetto, Ninetta, Fabrizio, Lucia, Pippo  
25 'Did somebody want me?' 2:04
  Isacco, Mayor, Giannetto, Lucia, Pippo, Fabrizio, Ninetta  
26 'Grief and calamity tumble around me' 5:14
  Ninetta, Lucia, Pippo, Mayor, Giannetto, Fabrizio  
27 'Someone is coming' 0:29
  Giannetto, Ninetta, Lucia, Pippo, Fabrizio  
28 'Take this girl away and throw her into prison!' 3:06
  Mayor, Giannetto, Ninetta, Lucia, Pippo, Fabrizio, Servants, Villagers, Isacco  
  Act II (71:04)      
  Scene 1  
29 'She's shut up in that dark and dismal dungeon' 2:15
  Antonio, Ninetta, Giannetto  
30 'Maybe one day you'll forgive me' 5:34
  Ninetta, Giannetto  
31 'You'd better go, and quickly' 1:21
  Antonio, Giannetto, Ninetta, Mayor  
32 'You're so lovely, your eyes are sparkling' 3:44
  Mayor, Ninetta, Villagers  
33 'When you hear the sentence' 3:21
  Mayor, Villagers, Ninetta, Court  
34 'Mr Mayor, Mr Mayor - what are you up to?' 0:59
  Antonio, Pippo, Ninetta  
35 'Just think that tomorrow, even today' 0:37
36 'No, no, I beg you to take it' 5:43
37 'Lest my darling should forget me' 3:24
  Ninetta, Pippo  
38 'By unanimous verdict - we find her guilty' 3:06
  Judge, Giannetto, Fabrizio  
39 'The wheels of justice will crush the guilty' 4:40
40 'Most unhappy of women, your fate is in the balance' 0:39
  Judge, Ninetta  
41 'God protect her!' 3:19
  Giannetto, Fabrizio, Mayor, Ninetta  
42 'But, your Honours, you're mistaken' 1:24
  Giannetto, Fabrizio, Mayor, Court, Ninetta, Judge, Fernando  
43 'Release her!' 3:14
  Fernando, Ninetta, Giannetto, Fabrizio, Mayor, Court  
44 'A chasm of sorrow is yawning before me' 3:46
  Ninetta, Giannetto, Fabrizio, Mayor, Fernando, Court  
45 'If I cried, I would weep forever' 3:42
  Ninetta, Giannetto, Fernando, Fabrizio, Mayor, Court  
  Scene 2  
46 'What a dump of a village!' 1:37
  Ernesto, Pippo, Giorgio, Antonio  
47 'Bitter torment burns within you' 2:06
48 'God in heaven, Oh, God of justice' 5:26
  Ninetta, Villagers  
49 'Giorgio! Giorgio! Ah, we're so happy!' 2:36
  Pippo, Antonio, Giorgio, Giannetto, Lucia, Fabrizio, Villagers, Mayor  
50 'Oh, God preserve us' 1:06
  Lucia, Mayor  
51 'We can see her, she is coming!' 1:14
  Pippo, Antonio, Villagers, Mayor, Giorgio, Lucia, Giannetto, Fabrizio  
52 'Though I hear your cries of gladness' 3:29
  Ninetta, Lucia, Giannetto, Fabrizio, Fernando, Pippo, Villagers, Mayor, Antonio  
53 'Now that the storm is over' 2:39
  Ninetta, Lucia, Antonio, Fabrizio, Villagers, Mayor, Pippo, Giannetto, Fernando  
 Jeremy White bass - Fabrizio Vingradito
 Susan Bickley mezzo-soprano - Lucia
 Barry Banks tenor - Giannetto
 Majella Cullagh soprano - Ninetta
 Russell Smythe baritone - Fernando Villabella
 Christopher Purves baritone - Gottardo
 Nerys Jones mezzo-soprano - Pippo
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Isacco
 Stuart Kale tenor - Antonio
 Toby Stafford-Allen baritone - Giorgio
 Nicholas Garrett bass - Ernesto
 Darren Jeffery baritone - Judge
 Philip Tebb bass - Judge
 Daniel Slater - Clerk
 Prunella Scales - Magpie
 David Parry
  21-23 & 27-28 September 2002