Opera - The Masked Ball

 GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
 A Masked Ball 126:18  
  Melodramma in three acts  
  Libretto by Antonio Somma, English translation by Amanda Holden  
1 Prelude 4:04
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
2 'Rest Gustavus, may sweet dreams restore you' 1:37
  Oficers, Gentlemen, Ribbing, Horn, Henchmen  
3 'The King approaches' 1:41
  Oscar, Gustavus  
4 'There shall I gaze in ecstasy' 2:03
  Gustavus, Ribbing, Horn, Henchmen, Oscar, Officers, Gentlemen  
5 'Go with the others and wait until I call you' 2:30
  Gustavus, Oscar, Anckarstroem  
6 'Please reflect upon your duty' 2:41
7 'The Lord Chief Justice!' 1:30
8 'She conjures from afar, thunder and lightning' 1:50
  Oscar, Gustavus, Lord Chief Justice  
9 'My friends, will you come with me' 0:49
  Gustavus, Anckarstroem, Oscar, Ribbing, Horn  
10 'We can all go and see her together' 2:06
  Gustavus, Anckarstroem, Oscar, Ribbing, Horn, Henchmen  
  Scene 2  
11 'Quiet. . . her trance must not be interrupted. . .' 3:47
  Women, Children, Ulrike  
12 'I'm first to be here!' 2:30
  Gustavus, Women, Children, Ulrike  
13 'Allow me to enter' 0:58
  Cristian, Ulrike, Gustavus  
14 'You can rest assured' 2:12
  Ulrike, Cristian, Gustavus,Women, Servant  
15 'What brings you here to me?' 1:26
16 'Step out towards the sunset' 1:20
  Ulrike, Amelia, Gustavus  
17 'Oh, help me, God in heaven' 2:05
  Amelia, Ulrike, Gustavus, Voices  
18 'Rise, great enchantress, speak to us all' 0:44
  Ribbing, Horn, Men, Oscar, Gustavus  
19 'Do you see the furious billows abating' 2:53
  Gustavus, Oscar, Chorus  
20 'Reckless stranger, your words are defiant' 2:29
  Ulrike, Gustavus, Ribbing, Oscar  
21 'Her crazy crystal-gazing' 3:29
  Gustavus, Ulrike, Ribbing, Horn, Oscar, Chorus  
22 'One thing you've yet to tell me' 4:09
  Gustavus, Ulrike, Oscar, Chorus, Ribbing, Horn, Anckarstroem, Cristian  
  Act II  
23 [Prelude] 2:04
24 'Here I am in this place of retribution' 1:25
25 'When I pluck these dark stems' 4:58
26 'Here at last' 1:22
27 'You must know that I too have been aching' 4:03
28 'The sweetest words I ever heard' 3:22
  Gustavus, Amelia  
29 'Oh God! Someone is here!' 1:59
  Amelia, Gustavus, Anckarstroem  
30 'My friend, I ask you a personal favour' 0:57
  Gustavus, Anckarstroem  
31 'Do you hear how the menacing voices' 2:05
  Amelia, Anckarstroem, Gustavus  
32 'Stay close to me' 2:20
  Anckarstroem, Amelia, Conspirators, Ribbing, Horn  
33 'We interrupt their stolen kisses' 4:40
  Ribbing, Horn, Anckarstroem, Amelia, Conspirators  
  Act III  
  Scene 1  
34 'Your offence is not forgiven' 2:11
  Anckarstroem, Amelia  
35 'I go, but in compassion' 4:22
  Amelia, Anckarstroem  
36 'Stand up! I permit you to see your son' 1:59
37 'Shame on you, who defiled my beloved' 4:05
38 'We are gathered. Now hear me' 1:21
39 'I'm with you' 1:07
40 'Let us all by our shame be united' 0:48
  Anckarstroem, Ribbing, Horn  
41 'One indulgence I ask of you' 4:01
  Anckarstroem, Ribbing, Horn, Amelia  
42 'So which name has been chosen?' 1:17
  Anckarstroem, Ribbing, Amelia, Horn  
43 'Now Oscar may enter' 1:05
  Anckarstroem, Oscar, Amelia, Ribbing, Horn  
44 'Ah! I know that something wonderful' 2:52
  Oscar, Amelia, Anckarstroem, Ribbing, Horn  
  Scene 2  
45 'Perhaps she is safely home now' 2:35
46 'But if your light is lost to me' 2:36
47 'Ah! She is there. How can I see her' 1:30
  Gustavus, Oscar  
  Scene 3  
48 'The hall is filled with laughter' 2:10
  Chorus, Ribbing, Anckarstroem, Horn, Oscar  
49 'Why are you caring?' 1:59
50 'The hall is filled with laughter' 1:49
  Chorus, Anckarstroem, Oscar  
51 'Ah! You are here!. . .' 4:24
  Amelia, Gustavus  
52 'This is how I embrace you!' 1:14
  Anckarstroem, Gustavus, Amelia, Oscar, Chorus  
53 'She is blameless: as death approaches' 4:20
  Gustavus, Amelia, Oscar, Anckarstroem, Chorus, Ribbing, Horn  
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Gustavus III, King of Sweden
 Anthony Michaels-Moore baritone - Count Anckarstroem
 Susan Patterson soprano - Amelia
 Jill Grove mezzo-soprano - Ulrike Arvidson
 Linda Richardson soprano - Oscar
 Christopher Purves baritone - Count Ribbing
 Brindley Sherratt bass - Count Horn
 Roland Wood baritone - Cristian
 Ashley Catling tenor - Amelia's Servant/Lord Chief Justice
 David Parry
  10, 11, 13, 14 & 15 July 2003