Opera - The Flying Dutchman

 RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883)
 The Flying Dutchman 142:03  
  Romantic opera in one act  
  Libretto by the composer after Heine's Aus dem Memoiren des Herren von Schnabelewopski, English translation by Christopher Cowell  
1 Overture 11:34
  Scene 1  
2 'Hoyohey! Halloyo! Ho! Hey!' 10:59
  Sailors, Daland, Steersman  
3 'The time has come' 11:43
  Dutchman, Dutchman's Crew  
4 'Hey! Holla! Steersman!' 21:14
  Daland, Steersman, Dutchman, Sailors  
  Scene 2  
5 'Whirr and whirl as morning passes' 8:53
  Senta, Girls, Mary  
6 'Yohohoey! I see a ship, as black as night' 10:06
  Senta, Girls, Mary  
7 'Stay, Senta! Stay awhile and talk with me' 13:50
  Erik, Senta  
8 'My child, your father's on the threshold' 1:38
  Daland, Senta  
9 'Senta, my child, extend a welcome to this stranger' 5:53
10 'As from the distant dawn of my creation' 15:19
  Dutchman, Senta  
11 'My crew are bored with this delay' 2:48
  Daland, Senta, Dutchman  
  Scene 3  
12 'Steersman, leave your watch!' 13:28
  Norwegian Sailors, Girls, Steersman, Dutchman's Crew  
13 'What is this madness?' 2:34
  Erik, Senta  
14 'Could you forget those carefree happy hours' 3:13
15 'It's hopeless! Ah! It's hopeless!' 8:30
  Dutchman, Erik, Senta, Daland, Mary, Girls, Sailors, Dutchman's Crew  
 Eric Halfvarson bass - Daland
 Nina Stemme soprano - Senta
 Kim Begley tenor - Erik
 Patricia Bardon mezzo-soprano - Mary
 Peter Wedd tenor - Daland's Steersman
 John Tomlinson bass - The Dutchman
 David Parry
  6-11 January 2004