Opera - The Magic Flute

 The Magic Flute 136:47  
  Singspiel in two acts  
  Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder, English translation by Jeremy Sans  
1 Overture 6:27
  Act I  
2 'Have mercy, have mercy' 6:22
  Tamino, Three Ladies  
3 'I'm sure that there could never be' 4:26
  Papageno, Tamino, Three Ladies  
4 'Such loveliness beyond compare' 4:33
  Tamino, Three Ladies  
5 'Don't be afraid, now hear my song' 4:54
  Queen of the Night, Tamino  
6 'Hm! hm! hm! hm!' 5:47
  Papageno, Tamino, Three Ladies  
7 Dialogue: (scream) - 'Slaves!' - 3:01
  'You will not dare escape again'  
  Pamina, Monostatos, Papageno  
8 'A man in search of truth and beauty' 3:07
  Pamino, Papageno  
9 'If you can strive to be a man' 1:40
  Three Boys, Tamino  
10 'These words of wisdom reassure me' 2:06
  Tamino, Speaker  
11 'What rash adventure bring you here' 6:34
  Speaker, Tamino, Chorus  
12 'How soft, how strong your magic sound' 3:02
13 'Walk on tip-toe, not a sound' 3:01
  Pamina, Papageno, Monostatos, Chorus  
14 'We worship Sarastro, we bow before him!' 1:50
  Chorus, Papageno, Pamina  
15 'Sir, I was disobedient' 3:08
  Pamina, Sarastro  
16 'Our Lord Sarastro will decide' 3:20
  Pamina, Sarastro  
  Act II  
17 'My brothers who serve the great gods' 4:30
  Sarastro, First Priest, Second Priest  
18 'O Isis and Osiris, arm them with strength' 3:06
  Sarastro, Priests  
19 Dialogue: 'Where to you think we are?' 1:18
  Tamino, Papageno, First Priest, Second Priest  
20 'A woman's beauty is beguiling' 1:03
  Second Priest, Speaker, Papageno  
21 'Why, why, why are you in this place of fear?' 3:29
  Three Ladies, Papageno, Tamino, First Priest, Second Priest  
22 Dialogue: 'There she is, the blushing violet' - 2:20
  'All the world is always lusting'  
  Monostatos, Queen of the Night, Pamina  
23 'The wrath of hell is burning in my bosom' 4:01
  Queen of the Night, Pamina, Monostatos, Sarastro  
24 'We worship at the altar' 4:00
25 Dialogue: 'Here we must leave you' 1:20
  First Priest, Second Priest, Papageno, Tamino, Old Woman  
26 'Now for the second time we greet you' 2:14
  Three Boys, Papageno, Pamina  
27 'Now I know that love can vanish' 3:59
  Pamina, Papageno  
28 'O Isis and Osiris, gods all-knowing' 2:41
  Chorus of Priests, Sarastro, Pamina, Tamino  
29 'Will I not see my love again?' 2:54
  Pamina, Sarastro, Tamino  
30 Dialogue: 'Tamino! Tamino. . . Tamino. . .' 1:06
  Papageno, Second Priest  
31 'If only I could meet her' 4:42
  Papageno, Old Woman, Second Priest, Papagena  
32 'Behold, the harbinger of morning' 1:50
  Three Boys  
33 'Are you the man I love the best' 4:21
  Pamina, Three Boys  
34 'The man who dares to tread this path' 3:11
  Two Armed Men, Tamino, Pamina  
35 'Pamina? I hear her calling' 1:19
  Tamino, Two Armed Men  
36 'Tamino, mine, welcome at last' 3:55
  Pamina, Tamino, Two Armed Men  
37 'The fiery furnace could not harm us' 3:17
  Pamina, Tamino, Attendants, Priests  
38 'Papagena! Papagena! Papagena!' 4:30
39 'Play your magic music' 0:42
  Papageno, Three Boys  
40 'Pa-pa-ge-na!' - 'Pa-pa-ge-no!' 2:20
  Papageno, Papagena  
41 'We must be very, very quiet!' 2:23
  Monostatos, Queen of the Night, Three Ladies  
42 'The banner of sunlight' 2:50
  Sarastro, Chorus  
 Barry Banks tenor - Tamino
 Elizabeth Vidal soprano - Queen of the Night
 Rebecca Evans soprano - Pamina
 Majella Cullagh soprano - First Lady
 Sarah Fox soprano - Second Lady
 Diana Montague mezzo-soprano - Third Lady
 Simon Keenlyside baritone - Papageno
 Lesley Garrett soprano - Papagena
 John Tomlinson bass - Sarastro
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Monostatos
 Christopher Purves bass - Speaker, Armed Man, First Priest
 Peter Bronder tenor - Armed Man, Second Priest
  4-10 November 2004  
 Sir Charles Mackerras