ALBAN BERG (1885-1935)
 Lulu 165:43  
  Opera in three acts  
  Libretto by Alban Berg, after Erdgeist and Büchse der Pandora by Frank Wedekind, English version by Richard Stokes  
  Act III realised by Friedrich Cerha  
1 'Roll up, roll up for the menagerie' 4:20
  Animal tamer  
  Act I  
  Scene One  
2 'Am I trespassing?' 2:01
  Alwa, Dr Schön, Lulu  
3 'Gnädige Frau. . . Frau Medizinalrat. . .' 1:38
  Painter, Lulu  
4 'You are far too slow to capture me' 0:51
  Lulu, Painter  
5 'What's happening?' 0:46
  Painter, Lulu  
6 'Open the door!' 0:56
  Professor of Medicine, Lulu, Painter  
7 'Just wait, he'll jump right up. . .' 1:31
8 'Can't you help him recover his senses?' 2:12
  Painter, Lulu  
9 'You make me jealous, you lucky bastard!' 1:44
10 'Please help me do this up' 1:44
  Scene Two  
11 'Eva!' - 'What is it?' 1:10
12 'Eva!' - 'What is it?' 1:53
  Painter, Lulu  
13 'He's not quite what I imagined him to be' 4:16
  Schigolch, Lulu, Dr Schön  
14 'If you and I married' 6:26
  Dr Schön, Lulu, Painter  
15 'So?' - 'Your marriage has made you at least a million marks. . .' 5:03
  Painter, Dr Schön, Lulu  
16 'Don't talk so loud' 3:26
  Dr Schön, Alwa, Lulu  
17 Verwandlung [Transformation] 3:27
  Scene Three  
18 'I've never in my life known an audience so excited' 2:16
  Alwa, Lulu  
19 'More for me, please' 1:31
  Lulu, Alwa  
20 'That girl and her lovers' 1:12
21 'I met her first at Dr Schön's' 1:33
  African Prince, Alwa  
22 'She's had a sort of fainting fit' 0:33
  Dresser, Alwa, Theatre Manager, Prince, Lulu  
23 'What's wrong with her?' 1:09
  Dr Schön, Alwa, Lulu, Dresser, Theatre Manager, Prince  
24 'How dare you attempt to ruin my well-laid plans?' 5:01
  Dr Schön, Lulu  
25 'Take this pen and paper' 2:59
  Lulu, Dr Schön  
  Act II  
  Scene One  
26 'Delighted that you will be there this evening' 3:17
  Countess Geschwitz, Dr Schön, Lulu  
27 'Why not stay here?' 1:58
  Lulu, Dr Schön  
28 'Thank the Lord, that at last we're. . .' 2:22
  Schigolch, Acrobat, Schoolboy, Lulu  
29 'You know it's she he really wanted to marry' 0:45
  Acrobat, Schigolch, Schoolboy, Lulu  
30 'I hope you locked the windows' 1:39
  Schigolch, Lulu, Acrobat, Manservant, Schoolboy  
31 'The matinée will be lit by ultra-violet light' 3:15
  Alwa, Lulu, Manservant  
32 'Is he ill?' 2:55
  Alwa, Lulu, Manservant, Dr Schön  
33 'His father!' 0:57
  Lulu, Dr Schön, Alwa, Acrobat  
34 'And where did he go?' 2:55
  Dr Schön. Lulu, Countess Geschwitz  
35 'Even though men have killed themselves because of who I am' 2:27
36 'Kneel down, murderous bitch!' 2:42
  Dr Schön, Schoolboy, Lulu, Alwa  
37 'You can't deliver me up for trial!' 1:05
  Lulu, Alwa, Countess Geschwitz, Schoolboy  
38 Film Music 2:58
  Scene Two  
39 'We're like the players waiting for a bandleader' 4:30
  Acrobat, Countess Geschwitz, Alwa, Schigolch  
40 'This way is shorter' 6:09
  Alwa, Acrobat, Schoolboy  
41 'Hey, little Lulu, it's time we scarpered over the border' 4:14
  Schigolch, Acrobat, Lulu, Alwa  
42 'You're still as ravishing and youthful as in your portrait' 3:45
43 'Beneath this dress I feel your form in harmony' 3:55
  Alwa, Lulu  
  Act III  
  Scene One  
44 'Gentleman and Ladies!' 2:42
  Acrobat, Banker, Journalist, Marquis, Alwa, Lulu, Waiter, Servant, Designer, Mother, Fifteen-year-old Girl, Countess Geschwitz, Alwa  
45 'Get to the point and say how much you want from me' 0:51
  Lulu, Marquis  
46 'Of the countless nubile, fun-loving lasses' 2:09
47 'The magistrate will reward anyone who finds the murderess' 3:06
  Marquis, Lulu  
48 'It's good! It's looking good!' 1:35
  Alwa, Journalist, Banker, Designer, Mother, Lulu, Fifteen-year-old Girl, Acrobat, Marquis, Waiter, Servant, Countess Geschwitz  
49 'May I intrude?' 2:18
  Acrobat, Lulu  
50 'Message for the Bank Director' 0:59
  Waiter, Banker, Lulu  
51 'I need some money, in ready cash' 3:28
  Schigolch, Lulu  
52 'You could at least treat me with respect!' 2:38
  Acrobat, Marquis, Lulu  
53 'Martha!' 2:21
  Lulu, Countess Geschwitz, Acrobat, Waiter  
54 'I have lost all my money' 2:09
  Journalist, Banker, Mother, Designer, Alwa, Fifteen-year-old Girl  
55 'What the hell is this?' 3:32
  Alwa, Lulu, Waiter, Police Commissioner, Marquis  
  Scene Two  
56 'The rain's beating a tattoo' 4:34
  Schigolch, Alwa, Lulu  
57 'If this is not the ideal moment' 5:52
  Countess Geschwitz, Schigolch, Lulu, Alwa  
58 'Come along in, my love! Come!' 3:30
  Lulu, Second Client, Schigolch  
59 'Doctor Alwa's gone off to sleep' 2:40
  Schigolch, Countess Geschwitz  
60 'Who is that?' 4:59
  Jack the Ripper, Lulu  
61 'These are the last few moments' 3:38
  Countess Geschwitz, Lulu, Jack the Ripper  
 Lisa Saffer soprano - Lulu
 Susan Parry mezzo-soprano - Countess Geschwitz
 Anna Burford mezzo-soprano - Dresser/Schoolboy/Waiter
 Graham Danby bass - Professor of Medicine/Theatre Manager/Banker
 Stuart Kale tenor - Painter/Second Client
 Robert Hayward baritone - Dr Schön/Jack the Ripper
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Alwa
 Gwynne Howell bass - Schigolch
 Robert Poulton baritone - Animal Tamer/Acrobat
 Alan Oke tenor - African Prince/Manservant/Marquis
 Roger Begley bass - Police Commissioner
 Claire Mitcher soprano - Fifteen-year-old Girl
 Paul Napier-Burrows bass - Servant
 Jane Powell mezzo-soprano - Mother
 Moira Harris soprano - Designer
 Toby Stafford-Allen baritone - Journalist
 Paul Daniel
  14-19 & 22 May 2005