The Carmelites 144:15  
  Opera in three acts  
  Libretto by the composer after Georges Bernanos' play Dialogue des Carmélites, revised English version by Joseph Machlis  
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
1 'Where is Blanche?' 7:23
  Chevalier de la Force, Marquis de la Force  
2 'Blanche, your poor brother was so very impatient' 3:31
  Marquis, Blanche de la Force, Chevalier  
3 'Her poor imagination always flies from one extreme to another' 1:43
  Marquis, Chevalier, Blanche, Thierry  
4 'Dear father, there is no incident so small or unimportant' 4:05
  Blanche, Marquis  
  Scene 2  
5 Prelude 1:42
6 'Do not believe this comfortable chair is a privilege' 3:08
7 'What has driven you here?' 1:31
8 'My daughter, the outside world often questions' 5:36
  Madame de Croissy (Prioress), Blanche  
  Scene 3  
9 Prelude 2:37
10 'Oh no, not more beans!' 7:09
  Constance, Blanche  
  Scene 4  
11 Prelude 2:11
12 'Would you be so kind as to raise my pillow' 8:22
  Prioress, Mother Marie  
13 'You may get up my child' 5:09
  Prioress, Blanche, Monsieur Javelinot  
14 'Monsieur Javelinot, you must know it's customary' 3:42
  Prioress, Mother Marie  
15 'Please inform your sisters' 3:08
  Mother Marie, Prioress, Blanche  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
16 'Qui Lazarum resuscutasti a monumento foetidum' 2:20
  Constance, Blanche  
17 'What are you doing?' 2:52
  Mother Marie, Blanche  
18 'Dear Sister, I'm afraid that our cross' 3:55
  Constance, Blanche  
  Scene 2  
19 'My dear daughters, I don't need to remind you' 5:41
  Madame Lidoine (the new Prioress), Mother Marie  
20 'Ave Maria' 1:45
  Mother Marie, Carmelites, Prioress  
21 'What is going on?' 2:09
  Prioress, Constance, Mother Marie  
  Scene 3  
22 Prelude 1:45
23 'Blanche, why do you believe like this?' 7:22
  Chevalier, Blanche  
24 'Compose yourself, Sister Blanche' 1:50
  Mother Marie, Blanche  
  Scene 4  
25 'My faithful daughters, I know that some among you' 3:28
  Chaplain, Carmelites  
26 'But what will become of you?' 2:51
  Blanche, Chaplain, Constance, Sister Mathilde, Prioress, Mother Marie  
27 'Someone is ringing the bell' 1:09
  Constance, Sister Mathilde, Crowd, Chaplain, Carmelites  
28 'Open the door, open the door now!' 4:09
  Voice, Mother Marie, First Commissioner, Second Commissioner  
29 'My sisters, our Reverend Mother is coming' 1:54
  Mother Jeanne, Blanche, Mother Marie, Crowd  
  Act III  
  Scene 1  
30 'Father, speak to them' 4:22
  Mother Marie, Chaplain, Mother Jeanne, Sister Mathilde  
31 'There is only one vote against. That is enough' 3:13
  Mother Marie, Sister Mathilde, Constance  
32 'Fellow citizens, we congratulate you' 2:22
33 'Sister Gerald, we have to warn the priest' 1:46
  Prioress, Mother Marie  
  Scene 2  
34 Prelude 1:53
35 'It's you!' 5:31
  Blanche, Mother Marie, Woman's Voice  
  Scene 3  
36 'My daughters, we have almost come to the end' 4:09
  Prioress, Mother Jeanne  
37 'And what of Sister Blanche?' 0:36
  Constance, Prioress, Sister Mathilde  
38 ''The Tribunal of the Revolution declares'' 2:27
39 'May daughters, I wanted to save you' 2:07
40 'It is done. They have been condemned' 1:56
  Chaplain, Mother Marie  
  Scene 4  
41 Prelude 2:41
42 'Salve Regina, Mater misericordiae' 6:45
  Prioress, Mother Jeanne, Sister Mathilde, Constance, Carmelites, Blanche  
 Ashley Holland baritone - Marquis de la Force
 Catrin Wyn-Davies soprano - Blanche de la Force
 Peter Wedd tenor - Chevalier de la Force
 Gary Coward baritone - Thierry
 Natalie Herman soprano - Off-stage voice
 Felicity Palmer mezzo-soprano - Madame de Croissy
 Dame Josephine Barstow soprano - Mother Marie
 Orla Boylan soprano - Madame Lidoine
 Sarah Tynan soprano - Sister Constance
 Jane Powell mezzo-soprano - Mother Jeanne
 Anne Marie Gibbons mezzo-soprano - Sister Mathilde
 Ryland Davies tenor - The Chaplain
 William Berger baritone - Monsieur Javelinot
 James Edwards tenor - First Commissioner
 Roland Wood baritone - Second Commissioner
 Toby Stafford-Allen baritone - First Officer
 David Stephenson baritone - Gaoler
 Paul Daniel
  20-26 October 2005