GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
 Nabucco 125:56  
  Dramma lirico in four parts  
  Libretto by Temistocle Solera after Cortesi's ballet Nabuccodonosor and Anicel-Bourgeios' and Cornu's play Nabuchodonosor  
  English translation by Norman Tucker and Tom Hammond  
1 Overture 7:21
  Part I: In Jerusalem  
  Opening Chorus  
2 'The glory of Israel is shattered and broken' 5:23
  Hebrews, Levites, Hebrew maidens  
3 'Take heart, oh my children!' 1:19
4 'When on the shores of Egypt' 3:30
  Zachariah, Chorus  
5 'What a tumult' 0:52
  Chorus, Ismael, Zachariah  
6 'As the shadows before the sunlight' 3:00
  Zachariah, Chorus  
  Recitative and Terzettino  
7 'Fenena! Oh, my beloved!' 2:04
  Ismael, Fenena  
8 'Jehovah falls before us!' 2:08
  Abigail, Fenena, Ismael  
9 'Once I loved you' 3:39
  Abigail, Ismael, Fenena  
10 'Have you seen him?' 1:36
  Hebrew women, Elders, Levites, Soldiers, Zachariah  
  Part I Finale  
11 'Long live Nabucco!' 2:05
  Abigail, Chorus, Zachariah, Ismael  
12 'Profaner! You shall not enter!' 1:11
  Zachariah, Nabucco  
13 'Tremble, you madmen' 3:42
  Nabucco, Fenena, Anna, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews, Levites, Abigail  
14 'You slaves, bow down before me!' 0:59
  Nabucco, Zachariah, Ismael  
15 'Now my wrath, restrained no longer' 2:57
  Nabucco, Abigail, Anna, Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews  
  Part II: The Blasphemy  
  Scene and Aria  
16 'You have betrayed me, O king accursed. . .' 3:47
17 'The sweet fire of love's enchantment' 3:28
18 'Who approaches?' 1:16
  Abigail, High Priest, Followers  
19 'On the golden throne of Assyria' 2:53
  Abigail, Followers, High Priest  
20 'Come, stand beside me' 2:58
21 'Through Thy servant Thou proclaimest Thy commandments' 3:11
  Chorus of Levites  
22 'Who is there? Who comes to call us' 1:02
23 'Woe to the traitor, he is accursed' 1:42
  Levites, Ismael  
  Part II Finale  
24 'Stay your anger, oh my brothers!' 0:25
  Anna, Chorus of Levites, Zachariah  
25 'But what means this disturbance?' 1:45
  Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Levites, Abdullah, High Priest, Abigail, Nabucco  
26 'The moment approaches of man's retribution' 3:15
  Nabuco, Abigail, All  
27 'Hear yur king!' 2:52
  Nabucco, Fenena, High Priest, Zachariah, Soldiers  
28 'Who has stolen my crown and sceptre?' 3:06
  Nabucco, Zachariah, Abigail  
  Part III: The Prophecy  
  Opening Chorus  
29 'Great and mighty Queen of all Assyria' 3:24
30 'Most noble lady, mighty ruler of Assyria' 3:10
  High Priest, Abigail, Nabucco, Abdullah  
31 'Woman. . . Who are you?' 3:25
  Nabucco, Abigail  
32 'Grey-haried and feeble, behold me' 3:00
33 'Ah, that sound!' 1:00
34 'Oh, have pity on a father in his madness!' 3:47
  Nabucco, Abigail  
  Chorus of Hebrew Slaves  
35 'Speed your journey' 4:40
  Part III Finale  
36 'Why lament thee? The wailing of women' 0:52
37 'In the darkness I see all the future' 3:10
  Zachariah, Chorus  
  Part IV: The Broken Idol  
  Prelude, Scene and Aria  
38 'Am I awake or dreaming?' 5:10
  Nabucco, Chorus  
39 'Lord God of Judah!' 3:23
40 'Open to me, you shall not stay me!' 1:00
  Nabuco, Abdullah, Soldiers  
41 'The false, perfidious enemy' 2:05
  Abdullah, Chorus, Nabucco  
  Funeral March and Prayer  
42 'Go! The marty's crown of honour will be yours' 2:39
43 'Lo! The sky has opened above me!' 2:10
  Part IV Finale  
44 'Long live Nabucco!' 2:37
  Chorus, High Priest, Nabucco, Anna, Fenena, Ismael, Zachariah, Hebrews  
45 'Lord God of Israel. . .' 2:40
46 'My strength. . . is failing. . . my death is near. . .' 3:30
  Abigail, Hebrews, Zachariah  
 Alan Opie baritone - Nabucodonosor (Nabucco)
 Leonardo Capalbo tenor - Ismael
 Alastair Miles bass - Zachariah
 Susan Patterson soprano - Abigail
 Jane Irwin mezzo-soprano - Fenena
 Dean Robinson bass - High Priest of Baal
 Paul Wade tenor - Abdullah
 Camilla Roberts soprano - Anna
 David Parry
  19-22 Septemer 2005 and 13, 14 & 16 July 2006