LEOS JANACEK (1854-1928)
 Katya Kabanova 91:38  
  Opera in 3 acts  
  Libretto by the composer after Ostrovsky's play The Storm in the Czech translation by Cervinka, English translation by Norman Tucker, with revisions by Rodney Blumer and Henrietta Bredin  
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
1 [Introduction] 4:19
2 'Marvellous! Really, just admit it' 1:35
  Kudryash, Glasha  
3 'What d'you think you're hanging around for?' 0:57
  Dikoi, Boris  
4 'Is your mistress at home?' 3:23
  Dikoi, Glasha, Kudryash, Boris, Feklusha  
5 'All of them so good and pious' 2:03
  Feklusha, Boris, Kudryash  
6 'If you want to obey your mother' 4:31
  Kabanicha, Tichon, Katya, Varvara  
7 Intermezzo I 1:04
  Scene 2  
8 'I'm always wondering' 5:46
9 'Madness? Oh, how I wish I really knew' 2:57
  Katya, Varvara  
10 'Ah, but you, what can you know of this?' 1:56
  Katya, Varvara, Feklusha, Glasha, Tichon  
11 'Do you not love me any more?' 2:52
  Katya, Tichon  
12 'It's time, Tichon' 3:50
  Kabanicha, Tichon, Katya  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
13 'There now, you're always boasting' 2:05
  Kabanicha, Katya  
14 'It's so warm indoors' 3:23
  Varvara, Katya, Dikoi, Kabanicha  
15 'No, no, no one, yet my heart was beating' 2:13
16 'It's nothing much' 2:38
  Dikoi, Kabanicha  
17 Intermezzo II 0:56
  Scene 2  
18 [Introduction] 1:05
19 'Nobody here yet!' 3:37
  Kudryash, Boris  
20 'Far away my love is gone across the water' 1:46
  Varvara, Kudryash, Boris  
21 'Is that you, Katerina Petrovna?' 5:26
  Boris, Katya  
22 'So you've found each other' 5:45
  Varvara, Boris, Kudryash, Katya  
  Act III  
  Scene 1  
23 'Raining!' 'There's a storm coming' 4:05
  Kuligin, Kudryash, Dikoi  
24 'Psst! Psst! Boris, listen to me!' 1:06
  Varvara, Boris  
25 'Oh, Varvara! I shall die!' 2:44
  Katya, Zena, Varvara, Chorus, Kudryash, Dikoi, Kabanicha, Tichon  
  Scene 2  
26 'Ah, Glasha! It's awful to think of it' 2:01
  Tichon, Glasha, Varvara, Kudryash  
27 'No! Nobody here' 5:20
  Katya, Kuligin  
28 'And yet death won't come to me' 4:27
  Katya, Boris  
29 'Thanks be to God!' 1:50
  Boris, Katya  
30 'No, not that!' 2:42
  Katya, Boris  
31 'Birds will sing as they fly above me' 0:49
32 'Hey there, a woman has jumped in the river!' 1:57
  Kuligin, Passer-by, Dikoi, Glasha, Tichon, Kabanicha  
 Jane Henschel mezzo-soprano - Marfa Kabanova
 Peter Hoare tenor - Tichon Kabanov
 Cheryl Barker soprano - Katerina
 Gwynne Howell bass - Dikoi
 Robert Brubaker tenor - Boris Grigoryevich
 Victoria Simmonds mezzo-soprano - Varvara
 Peter Wedd tenor - Vanya Kudryash
 Kathleen Wilkinson mezzo-soprano - Glasha
 Owen Webb baritone - Kuligin
 Claire Hampton soprano - Feklusha
 Sian Meinir mezzo-soprano - Zena
 Philip Lloyd-Holtam tenor - Passer-by
 Carlo Rizzi
  11-15 December 2006