1  Papagenos Aria (Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja) from The Magic Flute 2:52
  'I'm sure that there could never be'  
2  Figaro's Aria (Non più andrai) from The Marriage of Figaro 3:51
  'Here's an end to your life as a rover'  
 GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
3  Ford's Monologue (È sogno? O realtà…) from Falstaff 4:37
  'I'm dreaming? Or is this true?'  
4  Don Carlos' and Rodrigo's Duet (Dio, che nell'alma infondere) from Don Carlos 5:41
  'Listen!' - 'God who has brought us together'  
  with Gwyn Hughes Jones tenor  
  Philip Tebb bass  
  Geoffrey Mitchell Choir  
5  Macbeth's Scena and Aria (Perfidi! - Pietà, rispetto) from Macbeth 5:16
  'Treachery!' - 'When you are old and full of tears'  
6  Leporello's Catalogue Aria (Madamina) from Don Giovanni 5:38
  'Little lady! Here's a list I've assembled'  
7  Figaro's Recitative and Cavatina (Se vuol ballare) from The Marriage of Figaro 3:30
  'Bravo, my lord and master' -  
  'So little master, you're dressed to go dancing'  
8  Recitative and Duet (Pura siccome un angelo) from La traviata (The Fallen Woman) 18:56
  'You are Violetta Valéry?' -  
  'I have a daughter sent from God'  
  with Claire Rutter soprano  
9  Pamina and Papageno's Duet (Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen) from The Magic Flute 3:12
  'A man in search of truth and beauty'  
  with Susan Gritton soprano  
10  Don Giovanni's Aria (Finch' han dal vino) from Don Giovanni 1:29
  'Now that the wine has stopped them from thinking'  
11  Don Giovanni's Canzonetta (Deh, vieni all finestra) from Don Giovanni 2:20
  'Come softly to your window'  
12  Prison Scene (Per me giunto è il dì supremo) from Don Carlos 12:13
  'I'm here, Carlos!' -  
  'My last day has dawned for ever'  
  with Gwyn Hughes Jones tenor  
13  Papagena and Papageno's Duet from The Magic Flute 2:38
  with Susan Gritton soprano  
 KURT WEILL (1900-1950)
14  September Song from Knickerbocker Holiday 4:04
 Thomas Allen Baritone
 David Parry
  12-15 October 2007