Salome 114:19  
  Opera in one act  
  Libretto by the composer after Hedwig Lachmann's German translation of Oscar Wilde's play of the same name  
  English translation of the German by Tom Hammond  
  Scene One  
1 'How fair the royal Princess Salome looks tonight' 2:43
  Narraboth, Page, First Soldier, Second Soldier  
2 'After me shall come another' 2:41
  Jokanaan, Second Soldieer, First Soldier, Cappadocian, Naarraboth, Page  
  Scene Two  
3 'I will not stay there. I cannot stay there' 2:09
  Salome, Page, Jokanaan  
4 'Who spoke then, who was that calling out?' 3:51
  Salome, Second Soldier, Narraboth, Slave, First Soldier, Jokanaan, Page  
5 'You will do this for me, Narraboth' 3:21
  Salome, Narraboth  
  Scene Three  
6 'Where is he, he, whose sins are now without number?' 5:07
  Jokanaan, Salome, Narraboth  
7 'He is terrible' 4:54
  Salome, Narraboth, Jokanaan  
8 'Jokanaan! I am in love with your pale flesh, Jokanaan!' 2:59
9 'I'm enamoured of your hair, Jokanaan' 2:43
  Salome, Jokanaan  
10 'It's your mouth that I desire, Jokanaan' 11:08
  Salome, Jokanaan, Narraboth  
  Scene Four  
11 'Where is Salome?' 4:06
  Herod, Herodias, First Soldier  
12 'Salome, come drink wine with me' 2:47
  Herod, Salome, Herodias  
13 'See, the tiem is upon us' 3:38
  Jokanaan, Herodias, Herod, Jews, First Nazarene  
14 'Brothers, they day is near us, the day of the Lord' 2:51
  Jokanaan, Herod, First Nazarene, First Jew, Second Nazarene, Herodias  
15 'Men shall soon rebel against this dissolute woman' 2:12
  Jokanaan, Herodias, Herod  
16 'Dance for me, Salome' 4:25
  Hrod, Herodias, Salome, Jokanaan  
17 Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils 9:30
18 'Ah, heavenly! Wonderful, woonderful!' 7:27
  Herod, Salome, Herodias  
19 'Salome, just think what you're doing' 3:13
  Herod, Salome, Jews  
20 'Gie me the head of Jokanaan!' 2:12
  Salome, Herod, Herodias  
21 'I hear no noise from below there' 2:36
22 'Ah! You would not let me kiss your mouth, Jokanaan!' 6:47
23 'Your body was an ivory column' 5:32
24 'You have an evil monster for a daughter' 5:29
  Herod, Herodias, Salome  
25 Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils (concert version) 9:37
 John Graham-Hall tenor - Herod Antipas
 Sally Burgess mezzo-soprano - Herodias
 Susan Bullock soprano - Salome
 John Wegner baritone - Jokanaan
 Andrew Rees tenor - Narraboth
 Rebecca de Pont Davies mezzo-soprano - Herodias's page
 Anton Rich tenor - First Jew
 Wynne Evans tenor - Second Jew
 Colin Judson tenor - Third Jew
 Alasdair Elliott tenor - Fourth Jew
 Jeremy White bass - Fifth Jew
 Michael Druiett bass - First Nazarene
 Robert Parry tenor - Second Nazarene
 Graeme Broadbent bass - First Soldier
 Alan Ewing bass - Second Soldier
 Roger Begley bass - Cappadocian
 Gerald Strainer tenor - Slave
 Sir Charles Mackerras
  16-18 and 20-22 December 2007