FRANCESCO CILEA Italian (1866-1950)
1  Adriana's Aria (Io son l'umile ancella) from Adriana Lecouvreur 3:15
  'See now, I am exhausted…'–  
  'I am the humble servant of God's immortal art'  
2  Lisa's Aria from The Queen of Spades 4:49
  'You need not close the windows just yet' –  
  'Oh why am I so tearful'  
  with Gillian Keith soprano  
3  Nedda's Aria (Stridono lassu) from Pagliacci (The Touring Party) 4:54
  'His eyes were flashing with anger' –  
  'Through the air they soar'  
4  Nedda and Silvio's Duet (E allor perchè, di' tu m'hai stregato) 11:34
  'Nedda!' –  
  'My fate is in your hands' –  
  'Then will you say why you have enslaved me'  
  with William Dazeley baritone  
 ARRIGO BOITO (1842-1918)
5  Death of Marguerita from Mephistopheles 5:57
  'To the moonlit waves they cast him'  
 JAKE HEGGIE (b. 1961)
6  A Bargain and a Prayer from The End of the Affair 6:36
  'Nineteen forty-four. March. May. June'  
  with William Dazeley baritone  
7  Lisa's Scene and Arioso from The Queen of Spades 5:10
  'It's nearly midnight now'  
 RICHARD STRAUSS (1864-1949)
8  Arabella and Zdenka's Duet (Aber der richtige) from Arabella 6:19
  'He's not the one who is right for me' –  
  'The one who's right for me'  
  with Gillian Keith soprano  
9  Adriana's Aria (Poveri fiori) from Adriana Lecouvreur 2:23
  'Poor little flowers'  
10  Berthe's Song from The Violins of Saint-Jacques 4:12
  'How can I explain to you'  
11  Wally's Aria (Ebben? Ne andrò lontana) from La Wally 3:48
  'I'll float into the distance'  
12  Arabella and Mandryka's Duet (Das war sehr gut, Mandryka) from Arabella 7:41
  'I'm very glad. Mandryka'  
  with William Dazeley baritone  
 Cheryl Barker soprano
 David Parry
  5-8 April 2009