The Film Music from MGM Musicals

  The FIlm Music from MGM Musicals  
  Original orchestrations by Conrad Salinger  
  Reconstruction by Christopher Palmer  
  WRIGHT/FORREST , after Borodin
1  Bridal Procession (Night of my Nights) from 'Kismet' 5:29
  Bruce Ogston (substituting Vic Damone)  
2  Dancing in the Dark (pas de deux) from 'The Band Wagon' 3:31
3  The Trolley Song from 'Meet Me in St Louis' 4:28
  Mary Carewe (substituting Judy Garland)  
4  Titles and Fountain Scene from 'Gigi' 2:50
5  Waltz Sequence from 'Gigi' 5:12
  Palais de glace ('A toujours')  
  Valse chez Maxim ('She is not thinking of me')  
6  Singin' in the Rain from 'Singin' in the Rain' 4:19
  Nick Curtis (substituting Gene Kelly)  
7  The Pirate Ballet from 'The Pirate' 4:50
8  The Heather on the Hill (vocal and ballet) from 'Brigadoon' 8:02
  Nick Curtis (substituting Gene Kelly)  
9  This Heart of Mine from 'The Ziegfeld Follies'* 13:41
 Elmer Bernstein
  7,8 August 1989