Coronation Ode, Op.44 36:03  
  words by Arthur Christopher Benson  
1 I Introduction: Crown the King 9:51
  Soli and chorus  
2 II (a) The Queen 2:36
3 (b) Daughter of Ancient Kings 2:24
4 III Britain, Ask of Thyself 3:50
  Bass solo and male chorus  
5 IV (a) Hark, upon the Hallowed Air 8:46
  Soprano and tenor soli  
  (b) Only Let the Heart Be Pure  
6 V Peace, Gentle Peace 4:05
  Soli and chorus a cappella  
7 VI Finale: Land of Hope and Glory 4:10
  Contralto solo and chorus  
 The Spirit of England, Op.80 30:32  
  words by Laurence Binyon  
8 I The Fourth of August 8:42
9 II To Women 6:34
10 III For the Fallen 15:02
 Teresa Cahill soprano
 Anne Collins contralto
 Anthony Rolfe Johnson tenor
 Gwynne Howell baritone
 Sir Alexander Gibson
  December 1976