ARWEL HUGHES (1909-1988)
 Dewi Sant (Saint David) - Oratorio 68:53  
  for 3 Solo Voices, Chorus and Orchestra  
1 Chorus: Praise the Lord for all his Saints 6:01
2 Soprano: Who'll bring his sickle to the yellowing wheat 13:56
3 Baritone: Boia, my son, O why wilt thou so mock they God 10:09
4 Semi-chorus: Come hither, David, to light and glory 7:05
5 Tenor: And on that Sunday stood David at the altar 13:26
6 Tenor: From Sunday to Wednesday 7:24
7 Tenor: Kyrie eleison 10:51
 Yvonne Kenny soprano
 Martyn Hill tenor
 David Wilson-Johnson baritone
 Owain Hughes
  4,5 May 1990