The Cloud Messenger, Op. 30 43:10  
  Text from Kalidasa, translated by Holst  
  for contralto solo, chorus and orchestra  
1 Adagio - Moderato maestoso 08:16
  'O thou, who com'st from heaven's king'  
2 Allegro 06:51
  'Tarry not, O Cloud, tarry not. Rushing northward through the sky thou seemest a  
  mountain peakā€¦'  
3 Andante 04:48
  Contralto solo: 'Tarry not, O Cloud, tarry not'  
4 Moderato maestoso, senza accelerando 10:45
  Chorus (bassi): 'Tarry not, O Cloud. Bow thy head.'  
5 Adagio - Moderato 12:30
  Chorus: 'When the dancers are weary, and the minstrels sink  
  down to slumber'  
 The Hymn of Jesus, Op. 37 22:25  
  Text chosen and translated by Holst from the Apocryphal Acts of St John  
  for chorus, semi-chorus and orchestra  
6 Prelude - Senza misura - Lento 05:45
7 The Hymn - Moderato maestoso 16:40
 Della Jones contralto
 Richard Hickox
  4,5 & 9 June 1990