Sea Pictures Op.37 24:47  
  A Cycle of Five Songs for COntralto and Orchestra  
  Ein Zyklus von fünf Liedern für Altstimme und Orchester  
  Un cycle de cinq mélodies pour contralto et orchestre  
1 1 Sea Slumber-Song 5:29
  words by Hon. Roden Noel  
2 2 In Haven (Capri) 1:49
  words by Caroline Alice Elgar  
3 3 Sabbath Morning at Sea 5:59
  Moderato - Grandioso  
  from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning  
4 4 Where Corals Lie 4:26
  Allegretto ma non troppo  
  words by Richard Garnett  
5 5 The Swimmer 6:48
  Allegro di molto  
  from a poem by Adam Lindsay Gordon  
 The Music Makers Op.69 39:05  
  Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy  
  for Contralto, Chorus and Orchestra  
  für Altstimme, Chor und Orchester;  
  pour contralto, choeur et orchestre  
6 Introduction 3:26
  Moderato e nobilmente  
7 'We are the music makers' 2:18
8 'With wonderful deathless ditties' 1:47
9 'We, in the ages lying' 3:51
  Allegretto - Moderato  
10 'A breath of our inspiration' 4:14
  Molto tranquillo - Più Allegro ma maestoso - Grandioso  
11 'They had no vision amazing' 3:41
  Lento, quasi recit.  
12 'And therefore today is thrilling' 4:25
  Allegro molto - Maestoso  
13 'But we, with our dreaming and singing' 3:11
14 'For we are afar with the dawning' 2:36
  Come prima  
15 'Great hail! We cry to the comers' 9:36
 Linda Finnie contralto
 Roderick Elms organ
 Bryden Thomson
  8-9 April 1991