Invocation to Music 54:36  
  An Ode (in Honour of Henry Purcell) by Robert Bridges  
  for soprano, tenor, bass, chorus and orchestra  
1 Introduction 9:15
  Chorus: 'Myriad voic├Ęd Queen!'  
  Soprano Solo & Chorus: 'Turn, O return!'  
2 Tenor Solo: 'Thee, fair Poetry oft hath sought' 4:31
3 Chorus; 'The Monstrous Sea' 5:32
4 Soprano & Tenor Duet: 'Love to Love calleth' 5:16
5 Dirge 8:05
  Bass Solo: 'To me, to me, fair-hearted Goddess, come!'  
6 Chorus: 'Man, born of desire' 11:05
  Soprano Solo & Chorus: 'Rejoice ye dead,  
  where'er your spirits dwell'  
7 Soprano, Tenor & Bass Trio: 5:40
  'O enter with me the gates of delight'  
8 Chorus: 'Thou, O Queen of sinless grace' 5:12
 Anne Dawson soprano
 Arthur Davies tenor
 Brian Rayner Cook baritone
 Matthias Bamert
  10-11 May 1991