The Grainger Edition, Vol.8 - Works for Wind Orchestra part 2

1  The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart* 12:06
2  Children's March * 6:48
  (edited by R. Mark Rogers)  
  Hubert Francis, Roberto Garica, Martin Quinn, Glenn Tweedie tenors  
  Stephen Svanholm, Alexander Wall basses  
3  Bell Piece* 5:32
  (edited by Thomas Duffey and Barry Peter Ould)  
  James Gilchrist tenor solo  
4  Blithe Bells 3:35
  (edited by Keith Brion and Barry Peter Ould)  
5  The Immovable Do 4:07
6  Hill Song I 14:18
  (edited by Alan Stout)  
7  Hill Song II 5:05
  (edited by R. Mark Rogers)  
8  Irish Tune from County Derry 6:30
  (edited by Barry Peter Ould)  
9  Marching Song of Democracy 6:36
  (edited by Keith Brion)  
 Timothy Reynish *
 Clark Rundell
  24 November 1992 and 10-11 October 1997