Opera - Jane Eyre

premiere recording
 Jane Eyre 71:47  
  An opera in two acts  
  Libretto by David Malouf  
  Act I  
  [Orchestral introduction] -  
1 'Silence. Quietness' 8:08
  Jane, Rochester, Voices  
2 'I am expected, I think' 2:31
  Jane, Rochester, Mrs Fairfax, Adèle  
3 'I can sing you know, Miss Eyre' 4:44
  Adèle, Jane, Mrs Fairfax, Rochester  
4 'Paris -' 2:21
  Jane, Adèle  
  [The sound of a horse] -  
5 'Ah, Miss Eyre, there you are' 5:26
  Rochester, Jane  
6 'And are there those in this house who love me?' 4:59
  Rochester, Voice of Mrs Rochester  
7 'Mr Rochester, you are hurt' 1:30
  Jane, Rochester  
8 'Jane, did you see no one, Jane?' 3:12
  Rochester, Jane  
9 'Listen! Listen!' 1:50
  Rochester, Jane  
10 'Listen now, listen, I will tell you a story' 3:35
  Rochester, Jane  
11 'But I know this story' 1:11
  Jane, Rochester  
12 'Silence. Quietness' 3:17
  Jane, Rochester  
  Act II  
13 'Jane, my dear, it has come' 3:58
  Mrs Fairfax, Adèle, Jane, Mrs Rochester  
14 'Godnight, goodnight' 2:28
  Mrs Fairfax, Adèle, Jane  
15 [Mrs Rochester's wordless singing] 1:26
16 'Beautiful, so beautiful' 6:39
  Mrs Rochester, Jane, Rochester  
17 'Listen, Jane. Hear the rest of my tale' 3:21
  Rochester, Jane  
18 'Silence. Silence.' 3:05
  Jane, Rochester, Mrs Rochester  
19 'Jane! Jane! Where are you, my angel?' 3:30
  Rochester, Jane  
20 'Jane. Jane. Is it really you?' 4:17
  Rochester, Jane  
 Natasha Marsh soprano - Jane Eyre
 Fflur Wyn soprano - Adèle
 Beverley Mills mezzo-soprano - Mrs Fairfax
 Emily Bauer-Jones contralto - Mrs Rochester
 Andrew Slater bass - Rochester
 Michael Rafferty
  4 November 2000