1  The Noisy Curlew, Farewell to Erin – Reels 4:47
2  Stirling Castle, Miss Ramsey – Strathspey & Reel 3:15
3  Tom McElvogue's – Jig, New Irish Barndance, Untitled – Reel 3:18
4  The Harvest Home – Hornpipe, The Foxhunter's – Reel 3:22
5  Horse Keane's – Hornpipe, The Rath Cairn Reel, The Charleston – Reel 4:25
6  Lad O'Bierne's, The Silver Spear – Reels 3:59
7  The Wounded Hussar – Slow Air, Charlie Lennon's – Reel 5:17
8  The Three Sisters (Moneymusk, Drowsy Maggie, Untitled) – Reels 2:55
9  Irish Lasses, St Patrick's, Jerry's Beaver Hat, The Chorus Jig – Jigs 4:16
10  The Turnpike, The Shetland Fiddler, The Boys of Malin – Reels 4:18
11  Willie Coleman's, The Connachtman's Rambles – Jigs 3:05
12  Untitled – Slow Air 2:21
13  Waking up in Wonderful Wark, Untitled – Jigs 4:02
14  Two Jigs 2:26
15  John J. Kimmell's Favourite – Clog, My Love is in America, The Diamond Ring – Reels 5:09
16  The Swaggering Jig, London Lasses – Jigs 2:45
17  The Wise Maid, Macleod's Reel, The Boys of Malin – Reels 4:24
 Eileen Ivers fiddle
 Seamus Egan flute
 Ciaran Tourish fiddle
 Dermot McLaughlin fiddle
 Seamus Glackin fiddle
 Kevin Glackin fiddle
 Niall Keegan flute
 Brendan Ring pipes
 Jimmy Keane piano accordion
 Andy Cutting button accordion
 Luke Daniels button accordion
 Tom McElvogue flute
 Siobhan O'Donnell flute
 Paul Gallagher flute
 Julia Clifford fiddle
 Billy Clifford flute
 Brendan McGlinchey fiddle
 Brian Rooney fiddle
 Brendan Mulkere fiddle
 Lamond Gillespie fiddle
 Karen Tweed piano accordion
 John Carty banjo
 Tom Doherty melodeon
 Natalie MacMaster fiddle
 Howie MacDonald piano
 Paula Doohan fiddle
 Liz Doherty fiddle
 Tommy Peoples fiddle
 Joe Shannon uillean pipes
 John Williams concertina
 Seamus Connolly fiddle
 Seamus Gibson fiddle
 Proinsias O Maonaigh fiddle
 Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh fiddle
 Michael O Suilleabhain piano