The Wagon of Life

1  The Wagon of Life 2:11
  words by Pushkin, translated Pitfield  
2  By the Dee at Night 2:36
  words by Thomas Pitfield  
3  September Lovers 1:52
  words by Thomas Pitfield  
4  Alderley 1:16
  words by Thomas Pitfield  
5  Gawsworth 1:56
  words by Thomas Pitfield  
6  Fall, Leaves, Fall 2:44
  words by Emily Bronte  
7  Night Clouds 1:34
  words by Amy Lowell  
8  Noah 2:45
  words by Siegfried Sassoon  
9  Faintheart in a Railway Station 2:00
  words by Thomas Hardy  
10  The Poor Man's Pig 1:51
  words by Edmund Blunden  
11  Tango (Do You Remember?) 2:13
  words by Wilfrid Samuel Treasure  
12  I Saw the Girl 6:35
  words by John Clare  
13  The Recruit 3:01
  words by A E Housman  
14  White in the Moon 4:09
  words by A E Housman  
15  Think No More, Lad 1:06
  words by A E Housman  
16  The Sunlight on the Garden 2:39
  words by Louis MacNiece  
17  The Garden 2:03
  words by Andrew Marvell  
18  Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal 4:48
  words by Alfred Tennyson  
19  My Song shall be of Mercy and Judgement 3:19
  Psalm 101  
20  The Lord is King 2:52
  Psalm 93  
21  Dying Day 4:31
  words by Philip Larkin  
22  Description of Spring 2:20
  words by Henry Howard  
 Songs of the Clifftop  
23 I No. 1 Sea Bird 2:38
  words by Steve Hobson  
24 II No. 2. After the Kill 3:03
  words by Steve Hobson  
25 III No.3. Puffin 2:18
  words by Steve Hobson  
26  The Owl 2:26
  words by Kathleen Collier  
27  Whale Song 3:24
  words by Kathleen Collier  
28  Horse 4:33
  words by Kathleen Collier  
 Mark Rowlinson baritone
 Peter Lawson piano