The Billy Cotton Band Show - Wakey Wakey!  
1  'Wakey, Wakey' /Somebody Stole My Gal 0:35
  vocal Billy Cotton  
2  Billy Cotton Band Show 1 16:31
  a) Sing, Sng, Sing/Sugartime (Prima) / The Parlour Piano (Phillips)  
  Bill Bailey (Adamson, McHugh)  
  vocal Billy Cotton, Alma Cogan, Russ Conway & The Silhouettes  
  b) Exodus Song (Gold, Boone) vocal Grisha Farfel & Billy Cotton Choir  
  c) The Great Big Saw Came Nearer & Nearer (Weston, Lee)  
  vocal Alan Breeze and The High-Lights  
  d) Let's Face the Music & Dance (Berlin) vocal Alma Cogan  
  e) She's Funny that Way (Whiting)/The Man I Love (Gershwin)/  
  You Were Meant for Me (Freed, Brown) vocal Alma Cogan & Billy Cotton  
  f) Ta-ra-ra-Boom-De-Ay (Sayers)/Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Clark Muir, Abrahams)  
  Row, Row, Row (Monaco, Jerome) vocal Company and audience  
3  Billy Cotton Band Show 2 18:41
  a) Oh By Jingo (von Tilzer, Brown) vocal Billy Cotton & The Silhouettes  
  b) Let the Rest of the World Go By (Brennan, Ball) vocal Kathie Kay  
  c) Ring Down the Curtain, I Can't Sing Tonight (Story)  
  vocal Alan Breeze, Kathie Kay, The Highlights and the Band  
  d) Angelo (Stanford) piano Russ Conway  
  e) What Will they Do Without Us? (Grafton)/Without a Song (Youmans, Rose)  
  vocal Billy Cotton and Russ Conway  
  f) I Love the Sunshine of Your Smile (McDonald, Hoffman)  
  Boomps a Daisy (Mills) Now is the Hour (Scott)  
  vocal Billy Cotton, Kathie Kay, Company and audience  
4  We Must Have Safety on the Queen's Highway 2:28
  vocal Billy Cotton  
5  Big Head 2:39
  vocal Alan Breeze and Billy Cotton  
6  The Bells are Ringing for Me and My Girl 2:03
  vocal Billy Cotton and Kathie Kay  
7  The Parlour Piano 2:17
8  There's Another Hole in the Road 3:08
  vocal Billy Cotton  
9  Friends and Neighbours 2:27
10  Shrimp Boats 2:55
  vocal Doreen Stephens  
11  Someone Else I'd Like to Be 2:54
12  Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner 2:45
  vocal Billy Cotton and Alan Breeze  
13  I Love the Sunshine of Your Smile 2:18
  vocal Alan Breeze and the Bandits  
14  The Marrow Song 2:54
  vocal Alan Breeze and The Cotton Choir  
15  Somebody Stole My Gal 2:40
  vocal Alan Breeze