DEFOORT, K.: Woman Who Walked Into Doors (The) [Opera] (Siebens)

 The Woman Who Walked Into Doors  
1 Act I: Overture 4:53
2 Act I: Policeman Brings News (Policeman) 0:24
3 Act I: First Meeting with Charlo (Narrator, Charlo) 4:43
4 Act I: Paula Falls on the Floor (Narrator, Charlo) 1:08
5 Act I: First Time Making Love with Charlo (Narrator, Charlo) 2:43
6 Act I: How did he die? (Policeman, Charlo) 1:55
7 Act I: Paula With Her Sisters (Paula, Carmel) 1:33
8 Act I: Facts of Life (Narrator, Headmaster, Derek, Others, Martin) 5:08
9 Act I: Me then (Paula) - Interlude 4:50
10 Act I: Me Now (Narrator) 2:21
11 Act II: Charlo was Shot (Policeman) 1:35
12 Act II: SLUT! (Narrator, Roger, Father, Others, Charlo) 3:10
13 Act II: Paula with her Sisters About Daddy (Carmel, Paula, Denise) 3:10
14 Act II: Nicola Hears About her Father's Death (Denise, Carmel, Nicola) 1:39
15 Act II: Charlo on the News (Narrator) 0:25
16 Act II: Alcoholscene: My Name is Paula Spencer (Paula) 2:53
17 Act II: Alcoholscene: Jack is my Baby (Paula) 3:30
18 Act II: Alcoholscene: I am an Alcoholic (Paula) 4:11
19 Act II: Alcoholscene: Searching the Key (Nicola, Leanne, Jack, Paula) 4:34
1 Act III: Marriage and Honeymoon (Narrator, Photographer, Uncle Willy) 3:03
2 Act III: Newspaper About Mrs. Fleming (Narrator) 0:54
3 Act III: The Beating (Charlo, Paula, Kids, Leanne) 4:42
4 Act III: Ask me (Charlo, Doctor, Nurse) 4:24
5 Act III: Paula Throws Charlo Out of the House (Narrator, Charlo) 2:34
6 Act III: Epilogue (Nicola, Charlo) 3:43
 Claron McFadden Soloist
 Jacqueline Blom Soloist
 Etienne Siebens Conductor