The Kingdom, Op.51  
1 Prelude 9:31
  I In the Upper Room  
2 Seek first the Kingdom of God 8:08
3 Men and brethren 5:31
4 O ye priests 4:01
  II At the Beautiful Gate  
5 The singers are before the altar 5:10
  III Pentecost  
6 And when the day of Pentecost 5:09
7 And suddenly there came from heaven 4:42
8 I have prayed for thee 9:40
9 Repent and be baptized 5:55
  IV The Sign of Healing  
10 Then they that gladly received his word 6:30
11 Unto you that fear his name 2:51
12 And as they spake 1:05
13 The sun goeth down 8:54
  V The Upper Room  
14 The voice of Joy 6:02
15 Thou, Almighty Lord 5:36
16 Our Father 5:28
 Claire Rutter soprano (The Blessed Virgin Mary)
 Susan Bickley mezzo-soprano (Mary Magdalene)
 John Hudson tenor (St John)
 Iain Paterson baritone (St Peter)
  (Tom Seligman, Guest Choral Director)  
 Mark Elder
  Recorded live at: