1  Variations on America (arr. W. Rhoads) 6:25
2  Overture and March 1776 (arr. J. Sinclair) 2:56
3  They are There! (arr. J. Sinclair) 2:28
 Old Home Days Suite (arr. J. Elkus)  
4 I. Waltz 1:26
5 II. The Opera House - III. Old Home Day 1:56
6 IV. The Collection 2:11
7 V. Slow March 1:11
8 VI. Burlesque Harmonization of London Bridge, "London Bridge Is Fallen Down" 1:04
9  March Intercollegiate with Annie Lisle (arr. K. Brion) 3:25
10  Fugue in C minor (arr. of String Quartet No. 1, "From the Salvation Army": I. Chorale) (arr. J. Sinclair) 6:26
11  March in F major and C major with Omega Lambda Chi (arr. K. Brion) 2:56
12  Variations on Jerusalem the Golden, "Fantasia on Jerusalem the Golden" (arr. K. Brion) 4:08
13  A Son of a Gambolier, March (arr. J. Elkus) 3:45
14  Postlude in F major (arr. K. Singleton for wind band) 4:18
15  Country Band March (arr. J. Sinclair) 4:14
16  A Symphony: New England Holidays: II. Decoration Day (arr. J. Elkus) 8:11
17  The Other Side of Pioneering: III. Charlie Rutlage (arr. J. Sinclair) 2:25
18  The Circus Band, March (arr. J. Elkus) 2:40
19  Runaway Horse on Main Street (arr. J. Sinclair) 1:11
20  March No. 6 with Here's to Good Old Yale (arr. J. Elkus) 2:47
21  Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord, Mass., 1840-60": III. The Alcotts (arr. J. Elkus) 5:47
 Timothy W. Foley Conductor
  Foley, Colonel Timothy W.