HANDEL, G.: Solomon (Chance, Argenta, Reviol, Podger, Balbach, Maulbronn Chamber Choir, Hanoverian Court Orchestra, Budday)

 Solomon, HWV 67  
1 Act I: Overture 5:12
2 Act I Scene 1: Your harps and cymbals sound (Chorus of Priests) 3:25
3 Act I Scene 1: Air: Praise ye the Lord (Levite) 4:41
4 Act I Scene 1: With pious hearts (Chorus of Priests) 5:16
5 Act I Scene 1: Accompagnato: Almighty pow'r! (Solomon) 2:59
6 Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Imperial Solomon (Zadok) 0:44
7 Act I Scene 1: Air: Sacred raptures (Zadok) 4:19
8 Act I Scene 1: Throughout the land Jehovah's praise (Chorus of Israelites) 3:19
9 Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Bless'd be the Lord - Air: What tho' I trace (Solomon) 6:29
10 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: And see my Queen (Solomon) 0:43
11 Act I Scene 2: Air: Bless'd the day (Queen) 5:00
12 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Thou fair inhabitant of Nile - Duet: Welcome as the dawn of day (Solomon, Queen) 4:41
13 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: When thou art absent from my sight - Air: With thee th'unshelter'd moor I tread (Queen) - Recitative: Search round the world (Zadok) 2:44
14 Act I Scene 2: May no rash intruder (Chorus) 3:09
15 Act II Scene 1: From the censer curling rise (Chorus) 5:02
16 Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Prais'd be the Lord - Air: When the sun o'er yonder hills (Solomon) 5:14
17 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: My sovereign liege, two women stand (Attendant, Solomon, First Harlots) 1:48
18 Act II Scene 2: Air and Trio: Words are weak to paint my Fears (First Harlot, Second Harlot, Solomon) 5:34
1 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: What says the other (Solomon, Second Harlot) 1:23
2 Act II Scene 3: Air: Thy sentence, great king (Second Harlot) - Recitative: Withhold the executing hand (First Harlot) 2:24
3 Act II Scene 3: Air: Can I see my infant gor'd (First Harlot) 5:00
4 Act II Scene 3: Accompagnato: Israel, attend (Solomon) 1:40
5 Act II Scene 3: Duet: Thrice bless'd be the king (First Harlot, Solomon) 4:08
6 Act II Scene 3: From the east unto the west (Chorus of Israelites) 2:33
7 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: From morn to eve - Air: See the tall Palm (Zadok) 2:48
8 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: No more shall armed bands - Air: Beneath the vine (First Harlot) 2:58
9 Act II Scene 3: Swell the full chorus (Chorus of Priests) 2:51
10 Act III: Sinfonia, "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" 3:03
11 Act III: Recitative: From Arabia's spicy shores (Queen of Sheba, Solomon) 1:22
12 Act III: Air: Ev'ry sight these eyes behold (Queen of Sheba) 5:26
13 Act III: Recitative: Sweep the string (Solomon) - Air and Chorus: Music, spread thy voice around (Solomon, Chorus) 3:16
14 Act III: Air and Chorus: Now a diff'rent measure try (Solomon, Chorus) 1:47
15 Act III: Recitative: Then at once - Draw the tear from hopeless love (Solomon, Chorus) 3:38
16 Act III: Recitative: Next the tortur'd soul release - Air and Chorus: Thus rolling surges rise (Solomon, Chorus) 3:40
17 Act III: Recitative: Thy Harmony's divine (Queen of Sheba) 1:14
18 Act III: Air: Pious king, and virtuous queen (Levite) 3:06
19 Act III: Recitative: Thrice happy king - Air: Golden columns, fair and bright (Zadok) 4:36
20 Act III: Praise the Lord (Chorus) 4:30
21 Act III: Recitative: May peace in Salem ever dwell - Air: Will the sun forget to streak (Queen of Sheba) 6:37
22 Act III: Recitative: Adieu, fair queen (Solomon) - Duet: Ev'ry joy, that wisdom knows (Solomon, Queen of Sheba) 3:24
23 Act III: The name of the wicked (Chorus) 3:35
 Nancy Argenta Soloist
 Budday, Jurgen