Dave Brubeck Live With The LSO  
1  Summer Music 6:35
2  In Your Own Street Way 5:56
3  A Salute to The Count 7:45
  (The Basie Band is Back in Town)  
4  Chorale 10:36
5  Blue Rondo à la Turk 6:26
6  Four Score in Seven 7:31
7  Brandenburg Gate, Revisited 15:50
8  Take Five 9:22
9  Unsquare Dance 4:18
 Dave Brubeck piano
 Darius Brubeck piano
 Chris Brubeck bass trombone/electric bass
 Matthew Brubeck cello
 Dan Brubeck drums
 Bobby Militello alto sax/flute
 Alec Dankworth double bass
 Russell Gloyd
  Recorded live at: