The Greatest Film Scores of Dimitri Tiomkin  
1  Cyrano de Bergerac 2:42
2  The Alamo 12:58
  Suite - i. Overture ii. Davy Crockett iii. Battle iv. Epilogue  
3  The Old Mand and the Sea 6:05
  Theme, Cubana and Finale  
4  The Four Poster 2:32
5  Giant 8:23
  Suite - i. Prelude ii. There's Never Been Anyone Else But You iii. Finale  
6  The Fall of the Roman Empire 3:37
  The Fall of Love (Instrumental theme)  
7  High Noon 3:00
  Do Not Forsake Me  
8  Rawhide 2:16
 Andrew Playfoot vocals
9  The High and the Mighty 6:37
  Hitchcock Suite  
10  Dial 'M' for Murder and Strangers on a Train 5:25
11  Wild is the Wind 6:38
 Whitney Claire Kaufman vocals
12  The Sundowners 2:16
13  Circus World 2:18
  The John 'Duke' Wayne March  
14  Land of the Pharaohs 5:06
  Theme and Pharaoh's Prcoession  
 Whitney Claire Kaufman
15  Friendly Persuasion 3:03
  The Fair  
16  Friendly Persuasion 4:09
  Thee I Love  
 Whitney Claire Kaufman
 Andrew Playfoot
 Richard Kaufman