Wind Band Music - HANSON, H. / HINDEMITH, P. / GRAINGER, P. / BERNSTEIN, L. (The Next Step) (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Wind Symphony)

1  Laude: Chorale, Variations and Metamorphoses 12:32
 Symphony in B flat major  
2 I. Moderately fast, with vigour - Molto agitato 6:21
3 II. Andantino grazioso - Fast and gay 5:29
4 III. Fugue: Rather broad - Fast, energetic 4:44
5  In a Nutshell: I. Arrival Platform Humlet (trans C. Simpson for wind band) 2:37
6  In a Nutshell (version for band) 3:55
 Candide Suite (arr. C. Grundman for wind band)  
7 I. The Best of All Possible Worlds 1:49
8 II. Westphalia Chorale and Bartle Scene 1:41
9 III. Auto-da-de 1:47
10 IV. Glitter and Be Gay 2:53
11 V. Make Our Garden Grow 3:31
 John Raymond Bell Conductor
 Bell, John Raymond