Lament for Jerusalem  
1 I. Cycle I: Stanza I - By the waters of Babylon (Chorus) 2:01
2 II. Cycle I: Cosmic Lament I - Listen to the reed-flute (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 4:09
3 III. Cycle II: Stanza II - For there, they that had taken us captive (Chorus) 1:31
4 IV. Cycle II: Cosmic Lament II - 'Tis the fire of love (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 5:29
5 V. Cycle III: Stanza III - How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? (Chorus) 1:21
6 VI. Cycle III: Cosmic Lament III - Hail to thee Divine love! (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 5:47
7 VII. Cycle IV: Stanza IV - Let my tongue cleave to my throat (Chorus) 1:35
8 VIII. Cycle IV: Cosmic Lament IV - If my Beloved touched me with His lips (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 6:18
9 IX. Cycle V: Stanza V - Remember, O Lord, the sons of Edom (Chorus) 1:35
10 X. Cycle V: Cosmic Lament V - The beloved is all (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 6:29
11 XI. Cycle VI: Stanza VI - O daughter of Babylon (Chorus) 2:04
12 XII. Cycle VI: Cosmic Lament VI - Love desires this secret should be revealed (Countertenor, Soprano) 7:19
13 XIII. Cycle VII: Stanza VII - Since thou receivest the supplications of sinners (Chorus) 1:41
14 XIV. Cycle VII: Cosmic Lament VII - Dost thou know why the mirror does not reflect (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 7:15
 Angharad Gruffydd Jones soprano
 Peter Crawford counter-tenor
 Jeremy Summerly