Piano Pieces For Children Young and Old  
 Five Easy Variations Op.51 No.4 (1952)  
1 Seven Good-Humoured Variations on a Ukrainian Folksong 2:12
2  'Children's Dreams' Six Pieces for Piano Op.88 (1971) 10:31
  Dreams, Who Will Win The Argument?, Tale of an Organ-Grinder, Contrasts, Curious Waltz, Naughty Boys  
3  'From Pioneer Life' Op.14 (1931) 5:05
  Drummer, Sporting Game, Holiday, Pioneer Song, March  
 Five Easy Variations Op.51 No.1  
4 Five Happy Variations on a Russian Folksong 1:30
 From Thirty Children's Pieces for piano Op.27 (1937/38)  
5 Waltz Time, Ditty, Etude, At Night on the River, Sad Story, Old Dance, Clowning 5:14
6 Toccatina, A Little Prank, Scherzo, Lyric Piece, Meadow Dance 5:10
7 Sonatina, War Dance, The Tale, Snow Storm 4:14
8 Novelette, Dance, Songs of the Cavalry 4:24
 Five Easy Variations Op.51 No.5  
9 Six Variations on a Ukrainian Folksong 2:16
 From Twenty-Four Easy Pieces for Piano Op.39 (1944)  
10 Waltz, Folk Dance, Galop, A Sad Story, Clowns 2:51
11 Improvisation, A Short Story, Slow Waltz, A Happy Outing 3:41
 Five Easy Variations, Op.51 No.2  
12 Merry Dance Variations on a Russian Folksong 1:21
13  'In the Pioneer Camp', 6 pieces for piano Op.3/86 (1927 rev. 1968) 9:03
  In the Morning, Morning Exercises, On the River, Through Forests and Mountains, Extraordinary Event, By the Campfire  
 From Thirty-Five Easy Pieces Op.89 (1972/74)  
14 First Wltz, Little Hedgehog, Little Goat Limping, The Little Juggler, Chastushka, Stubborn Little Brother, Melody 3:32
15 Rabbit Teasing a Bear-Cub, Almost a Waltz, Melancholy Rain 3:08
16  Five Easy Variations Op.51 No.3 2:14
  'Grey Day' Variations on a Slovakian Folksong  
 Four Rondos for piano Op.60 (1958)  
17 Rondo-March, Rondo-Dance 2:37
18 Rondo-Song, Rondo-Toccata 3:35
  TT 72:38      
 Kirsten Johnson piano