TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Queen of Spades Suite (The) / Voyevoda Suite (arr. P. Breiner) (New Zealand Symphony, Breiner)

 The Queen of Spades Suite (arr. P. Breiner)  
1 I. Tomsky's Ballad: Once upon a time in Versailles 3:40
2 II. Hermann's Arioso: The name of her I do not know 4:49
3 III. Russian Dance and Romance 6:11
4 IV. Lisa's Arioso: Night or day, 'tis only him 4:35
5 V. Tomsky's Song and Gamblers' Chorus: They met on an unhappy day 3:28
6 VI. Hermann's Aria and Finale: You today, me tomorrow 6:03
7 VII. Hermann: Beauty! Goddess! 4:29
 Voyevoda Suite (arr. P. Breiner)  
8 I. Mariya Vlasevna: Guards were put upon the door 8:19
9 II. Bastryukov's Aria: Burn faster, red skies 4:06
10 III. Olyona and Dubrovin: Trust me, my dear 4:27
11 IV. Dubrovin's Aria: Silent is the heart in my tortured breast 4:20
12 V. Dance of the Hay Girls 5:34
13 VI. Overture/Finale 6:13
 Peter Breiner Conductor
 Peter Breiner Conductor