Symphony No. 3 in G minor, Op. 42  
1 I. Allegro vivace 6:04
2 II. Adagio 10:19
3 III. Vivace 3:22
4 IV. Allegro con spirito 6:30
 Le festin de l'araignee, Op. 17  
5 Prelude 3:55
6 A garden. - Sitting in her web, a spider surveys the surroundings 0:50
7 Entry of the ants. - They find a rose petal. - With great effort they lift 1:28
8 Left alone, the spider daydreams and watches the landscape. - She checks the strength of her thread. 1:41
9 Entry of the dung beetles. 0:50
10 The ants return. - They prepare to carry another petal, when a butterfly appears. 0:15
11 Dance of the butterfly. - The spider invites the butterfly to dance closer to her web. - The butterfly is caught in the web and struggles. 3:16
12 The spider rejoices. - She frees the butterfly from her web and takes it to her larder. 3:37
13 The spider dances. - Suddenly fruits come crashing down from a tree. 1:49
14 Fruit worms enter and prepare to revel in the fallen fruits. 0:58
15 Warlike entry of two praying mantises who lift their frightening blades and forbid anyone to approach. 0:45
16 The ants dance in a circle. - The two mantises blame each other for the trick which was played upon them. 0:34
17 The mantises challenge each other to a duel. - They fight. - The spider dances in order to make the mantises more excited. 1:41
18 A mayfly hatches. 1:41
19 He dances. 3:23
20 The mayfly stops, exhausted. - The ants, the spider and finally the dung beetles pay their respects. 2:08
21 The mayfly and the fruit worms dance. 1:39
22 The mayfly dies. 0:32
23 The spider prepares to begin her feast, but one of the mantises, freed by the dung beetles from the web, slips behind the spider and kills her. 0:39
24 Death throes of the spider 1:19
25 Funeral of the mayfly. - The funeral cortege sets off and vanishes into the distance. 1:55
26 Night falls on the deserted garden. 1:19
 Christoph Eschenbach Conductor
 Eschenbach, Christoph