OFFENBACH, J.: Robinson Crusoe [Operetta] (Brecknock)

 Robinson Crusoe  
1 Act I: Overture 5:28
2 Act I: Introduction: There is a story I'd like you to hear (Sir William, Lady Deborah, Edwige, Suzanne) 7:23
3 Act I: Voice of the sea, calling to me (Robinson, Sir William, Lady Deborah, Edwige, Suzanne) 5:30
4 Act I: Quartet: All right! Sit down and take your places now (Sir William, Lady Deborah, Suzanne, Edwige) 4:39
5 Act I: The family that's always apart (All) 4:18
6 Act I: My friend Tom was a dancing master (Suzanne, Toby, Edwige, Lady Deborah, Sir William) 4:36
7 Act I: Ensemble: There's got to be a way … (Edwige, Suzanne, Lady Deborah, Sir William) 5:23
8 Act I: I am in love! (Edwige, Sir William, Suzanne, Lady Deborah) 3:19
9 Act I: Quartet: With a kiss, with a kiss! (Lady Deborah, Sir William, Edwige, Suzanne, Robinson) 3:50
10 Act I: Duet: Please hear me … let me speak (Edwige, Robinson) 5:37
11 Act I: Duet: Shining brightly up above me (Robinson, Edwige, Sailors) 5:10
12 Act I: Finale: Ah well, then on my own (Robinson, Edwige, Suzanne) 1:40
13 Act I: Finale: Our Father in heaven above (Lady Deborah, Sir William, Robinson, Edwige, Suzanne, Toby, Sailors) 4:40
1 Act II: Sea Symphony 7:44
2 Act II Scene 1: Six years and seven days (Robinson, Friday) 6:05
3 Act II Scene 1: In the long ago, Friday speak to Sarantha (Friday, Robinson) 4:01
4 Act II Scene 1: Duet: A pain that fills my heart when I remember Edwige (Robinson, Friday) 5:40
5 Act II Scene 1: Duet: One day you'll fall in love (Robinson, Friday) 7:14
6 Act II Scene 2: Entr'acte - Now look what you've got us into! (Suzanne, Toby, Witchdoctor, Jim) 6:19
7 Act II Scene 2: Stewpot Song: You take a gallon of water and an onion or two (Jim, Suzanne, Toby) 3:41
8 Act II Scene 2: Duet: Oh, hold me Toby! (Toby, Suzanne) 5:06
9 Act II Scene 2: Duet: I can't think why I married you! (Toby, Suzanne, Jim) 3:33
10 Act II: Finale: Prepare, prepare! Make the goddess ready (Cannibals) 4:15
11 Act II: Ensemble: Please don't make a fuss (Jim, Friday, Cannibals, Edwige, Suzanne) 6:22
12 Act II: Waltz Song: Take me away to the one I adore (Edwige, Suzanne, Toby, Friday, Cannibals, Jim) 5:01
1 Act III Scene 1: Entr'acte 3:01
2 Act III Scene 1: A perfume fills the air (Friday, Robinson) 4:57
3 Act III Scene 1: Trio: This must be what bliss is (Robinson, Friday, Edwige) 4:56
4 Act III Scene 1: Ensemble: Happy day, happy day! (All) 2:23
5 Act III Scene 1: I had a dream, a dream of you (Edwige, Robinson, Suzanne, Toby, Friday) 3:14
6 Act III Scene 1: I break a Tamayo taboo! (Friday, Suzanne, Toby) 3:23
7 Act III Scene 1: When I was small my mother always (Suzanne, Jim, Friday) 1:54
8 Act III Scene 1: Quartet: There's no place like England (Jim, Suzanne, Toby, Robinson) 3:51
9 Act III Scene 2: It's time to take a liquor break! (Pirates, Robinson, Will Atkins, Edwige, Toby, Jim) 4:08
10 Act III Scene 2: Finale: Tamayos are we, everybody knows (Robinson, Jim, Pirates, Will Atkins, Cannibals, Toby, Friday, Edwige, Suzanne) 5:54
 Marilyn Hill Smith Soloist
 Francis, Alun