LEDROIT, F.: Requiem, Op. 50 (Groupe Vocal Pro Homine, Pannetier)

 Requiem, Op. 50  
1 Prelude (to Francois-Henri Houbart, organist at the Church of La Madeleine) 03:03
2 Introit (in posthumous homage to my Master Xavier Darasse) 07:56
3 Kyrie (to Philippe Mottet) 02:57
4 Dies irae (to Michel Harmand, Mayor of Mansle) 02:18
5 Tuba mirum (in posthumous homage to my Master Paul Brunet) 02:55
6 Domine Jesu (to Michel Roubinet) 03:45
7 Hostias (to Samuel Cazenave) 03:27
8 Sanctus (to Francois-Henri Houbart, organist of the Church of La Madeleine) 04:07
9 Pie Jesu (to Father Michel Boullet) 02:37
10 Agnus Dei (to Jeanine and Michel Coquet) 06:17
11 Ave Maria (to Father Patrick Braud) 01:57
12 Lux aeterna (to Father Claude Dagens, Bishop of Angouleme, Member of L'Academie Francaise) 03:49
13 Libera me (to Jerome Royer, Mayor of Jamac) 05:33
14 In paradisum (to Olivier Cazenave, President of L'association des Amis de l'orgue de la Charente) 03:36
 Jeanne Crousaud Soloist
 Anna Destrael Soloist
 Marie-Christine Pannetier Conductor